This is not about President Barack Obama.

All of this is about President Hillary Clinton.

While all of the scandals are a game changer…

Don’t fool yourself. The Press is not going to suddenly stop being Socialist and embrace an ideology of Free-Markets, Liberty, Freedom and Personal Responsibility.

What is going on here is the Hillary 2016 Campaign getting a head start.

The way the Press looks at it is, if Obama falls out of favor in the eyes of the American people then all the better. This allows Hillary to run in contrast. It allows her to be the “Good” Liberal… the only one who can truly bring “Change” to government.

Nobody… nobody… nobody is going to Impeach Barack Obama.  It will not happen.  Ever.

What is going to happen now, however, is the Hillary protection effort.

That’s it.

Obama is being cast, intentionally, as “disengaged” and “uninterested”.  These are not criminal actions.  While he is “responsible”, he is not culpable… he’s just tired, and finished trying to bring change to terrible, terrible Washington.

This will be the limit of protection the Press will afford Obama. They know he is done. They know he has entered his lame duck status and there is no juice left to push his agenda Forward.

The only person the Press cares to shelter now is Hillary.

Damage control in underway.  The Media knows they have lost the Mid-Term Elections at this point.  2014 is over.  They just need to get through the next number of months without any provable Progressive criminality presenting itself and the preservation of the Socialist gains they have made over the last 6 years.

Let’s watch… shall we?


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5 responses to “This is not about President Barack Obama.

  • twistnpout

    I don’t think we have to worry about Hillary, her mess up with Benghazi (which she admitted to with tears and all) will follow her.


    • Mike

      I think you might underestimate the Clintons.

      I will remind you of the FBI files. In my small opinion, that was one of the most egregious violations of privacy and overt intimidation tactics employed by a White House against it’s political opponents. Do we hear anything about that anymore? Did anything ever come of it? Nope.


      • twistnpout

        True. And I was thinking as I wrote that comment that much of the American public does have a short term memory and I don’t think many would realize that she did have a fiduciary(?) duty that she was grossly negligent in keeping (at least I think so). But you are right, I don’t think it’s underestimating the Clinton’s though, I just think people forget too easily.


        • Mike

          The Clinton’s know well how time effects peoples memories. Bill is one of the best political Strategists we have seen in our lifetime. While fiduciary is a fiscal responsibility I think I understand what you’re saying. What’s important however is that this is Socialism on display. the names of the actors matter little. These people, Republican… Democrat… whatever, are interchangeable. It is an Ideological battle that needs to be fought. And the Press sees their next best hope to be in the form of Hillary.


          • twistnpout

            Yes I was looking for a more appropriate word – fiduciary was the best I could do – But I was trying to reiterate that her duty was more than just an “ethical” or “moral duty” – It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


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