Harry Reid and Moral Relativism

Harry Reid has just weighed in on the IRS scandal.

He would like to remind us that “the IRS has investigated the NAACP, Green Peace and a “really” Progressive church.” – His words.

I would remind Senator Reid that the IRS has already admitted to TARGETING Conservative groups. Had the IRS investigated Conservative groups in a statistically equitable proportion to Liberal groups, as they were when the examples he provides us occurred, there would be no discussion.

In other words, had they discriminated EQUALLY… there would be no story here, and they certainly would not have admitted any wrong doing.

Isn’t it time for Senator Reid to retire? Or is this kind of subterfuge, and attempt to intentionally confuse the public, the pinnacle of Senatorial performance?  On the other hand, it does illustrate that in America you can be anything you want to be.

Nevada should be ashamed. Yes… the entire State.  And, probably those States bordering it.  And all the airspace above it….


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