Jason Collins

This doesn’t deserve more than a few lines.

During this mornings “sudden” press conference President Obama said that individuals should be judged on their accomplishments not their sexual orientation.

Good so far.

President Obama then went on to say that Jason Collins was a “Hero” for openly declaring he is a homosexual.

This is where we part ways in regard to intellectual consistency.

Being Homosexual is not an achievement. It is no more a “goal reached” than being heterosexual. He did not “overcome” being a heterosexual… nor did he spend years training for this day.  It’s no different from ones skin color, height, hair color or parents.  You had nothing to do with it.  It’s not an achievement, it simply is.

President Obama might have said Jason Collins was “brave” for coming out considering the apparent anti-gay sentiment which we are finding out permeates Professional Sports…  (The only aspect of this story I find mildly interesting, as I was unaware of the level of disdain held by some.) but “Hero” is a bit much.  Declaring oneself “gay” is nothing new.  Frankly, it’s the “declaring” that is obnoxious.  When a person comes “out of the closet” there should be no one in the room to see it… in other words, no one should care.

Assigning “Hero” status to an individual due to something he had nothing to do with is disgusting. There was no “choice” in the matter for Jason. If there was “choice” involved… and deciding to be homosexual was somehow an extremely difficult choice to make and by doing so elevated him to role model status then I will stand corrected.  Do we assign “Hero” status because one is born a Man?  Woman? Black? Chinese? In New York?  In Wichita?  On a Sunday?  At noon standard time? These are all things you have no choice in.

I have mentioned before that intellectual consistency must be suspended in order to subscribe to Liberal agenda items. This is yet another example.

President Obama is losing his friends. He is losing his power. He is panicking as he watches the potency of his Presidency wane quickly into his second term. This pandering is just a symptom of the greater disease.

I’m sure Jason is a fine person. I will judge his ultimate status by his accomplishments on and off the court… not by who he chooses to sleep with.

Can we move on now?

We all have more important issues at hand.

The Left has a country to destroy…

The rest of us have a country to save.

Jason Collin’s sexuality has nothing to do with saving this country, any more than mine does.

So let’s talk about the same Press Conference where President Obama once again laments the existence of Guantanamo Prison.  His prison.  His prison he has not closed yet.  His prison he promised to close his first day in office which supposedly led many people to vote for him.  His prison he yet again “wishes” were closed but failed to do so immediately after this stupid press conference.  He is the Commander-in-Chief who is in control of this prison he hates so much.

Or… let’s talk about the use fo chemical weapons in Syria… or the complete abandonment of our diplomats in Benghazi who were left to die… or the sky rocketing costs of Obama Care… or Radical Islamic Terror on our shores…


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11 responses to “Jason Collins

  • twistnpout

    I’m waiting for a personal phone call from Obama to acknowledge all the heroic things I have done.

    As a side note: Guantanamo Prison? Obamas prison? I believe he inherited that.


    • Mike

      So… once you inherit something does it become yours? Just askin’


    • Mike

      Pout, I that I might have missed something here. Sorry about that. If you’re implying that I would defend Bush because of his decision to initiate Guantanamo, I would. I also happen to agree with Obama’s actions… actions… of not closing it. But defending Bush for the sake of defending Bush will not happen here. I have no love of him. Luckily, he is no longer President and Obama is. If Romney were in office he also would receive no quarter here. You’ve been with me for a while now… clearly I am not communicating very well. I apologize and will work harder. I, as always, appreciate your comments. Cheers!


      • twistnpout

        No apologies needed. I thought I understood and I was implying defense of Bush on your part, but glad you clarified that. True, Obama did inherit it so I suppose that makes it his, but sometimes I think overall blame is placed on the one left holding the bag and I certainly don’t think the country was better off with Bush. Of course, I know you are quite an informed individual so I was pretty certain you weren’t criticizing Obama clearly for the sake of criticizing Obama –

        Sometimes my fingers move faster than my brain – I should word my comments better.


  • The Dimwit Diary

    Cool, thanks for sharing Mike. I haven’t heard this point of view before, and it’s good. It’s got me thinking (I know. Don’t tell the other dimwits.) I have to admit, I lean more to the left, but I agree with you. There are more pressing issues. But what you expressed, many others miss that lean to the far right….it’s not a choice. So yeah, hero is not the right term. But definitely brave in the sports culture to come out, so if others get encouragement from that, that’s a good thing.

    Well anyways, I don’t get into politics on my page too much, but I do like to read others thoughts and keep a pulse on things. So thanks. It’s nice to hear someone state their thoughts with a level head. Cheers.


    • Mike

      You and I should talk about the “far-right” and “Left” paradigm sometime. I think I could change the way you look at the world. Possibly.
      Anyway, you’ll find little love here for what you might consider “Far-right”, which I consider “Theocratic”. I tend to live in the Anarcho-Capitalist world. Libertarian possibly.
      I have some decent crap relating to this last year… I know I should repeat much of it as it will be lost if I don’t, but I’m lazy.
      If you’re interested, crawl around the “capitalism vs. socialism” stuff. It’s all short. Some of it might even be funny at times… Or at least as funny as I can try to make it. I just don’t have your gift. Thanks for reading, I genuinely appreciate it!


      • The Dimwit Diary

        Hey, man. We all have something different to offer the world. Some have smarts, and some are just smartasses 🙂 I’ll definitely check it out further and do some rooting around. I like your approach to things, so that’s a gift too…not getting swept up in the media and agendas and being able to think for yourself. Thanks dude! I’ll recommend your site for some of my more politically minded friends.


        • Mike

          Awesome! I’d love it.
          My very first comment was “You’re a Moron.” No one has yet lived up to that. It was difficult to argue with as well. So I will embrace any reasoned challenge you and your friends might send my way. Thanks.


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