Poor Lil’ Poopy

Massachusetts Rapper Lil’ Poopy (I’m not Kidding) can’t catch a break… and it stinks.

Apparently his bangin’ YouTube videos which contain the standard Rapper stuff have prompted an investigation.

Well, as far as I’m concerned the Mass. PoPo can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

This is all motivated by The Man who has had the boot of oppression on Lil Poopy’s backside now that he’s the shizzel.

If I were Lil’ Poopy I wouldn’t give a crap what they say.  They’re all just Haters ‘cuz Lil Poopy is flushed with the Benjamin’s.

And all this about Lil’ Poopy bein’ 9-years old… that’s juss racism or somethin’.  He’ll be 18 one day.  May be not 30… but at least 18, probably.  So what’s the big deal bout slappin’ da Ho’s at 9?  If they didn’t like it they wouldn’t be Ho’s!

So ya’ll Biaaatches juss need ta back off and stop dumpin’ on Lil’ Poopy.

– Mike OUT!

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Background is in Media with a little History Major thrown in just to be annoying. View all posts by Mike

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