Promote an Energetic Future!

During the State of the Union President Obama asked if it wasn’t unreasonable to “take” some of the money “we” spend on energy and create a new program promoting Alternative Energy, or Green Energy, sources.

First, as I have stated before… No, it is not unreasonable to ask.  But taking is another subject.

That being said… Yes, a new program to promote alternative energy that sends taxpayer dollars to private companies is unreasonable.

I can hear some of you now; “But, but, but we need to promote alternative energy!”

If you fall into this category you might want to sit down for the next line.

We already do… it’s called Military Research.

In fact, from my undisclosed location I can see one of the most expensive alternative energy projects our Military has. I can also see Russia… no, not really… okay, maybe.  Do the Kuril Islands still count, or is it Japan that I see now? Anyway…

The point is that once again this Administration is relying on your blissful ignorance in order to create a slush fund to spiff their friends and donors. You would think that we all would see this for what it is given the ever-growing list of Green Energy Failures and their direct connections to this Administration. But, alas, many of you don’t.  Actually, many of you refuse to.  This failure to think is prevalent on both sides of the aisle… so don’t think I’m only insulting you.  The list on non-thinkers is long, and diverse.

Let me point out again that if there was ever an institution that would gladly drone strike your least favorite family member if you could show them a way to not be “enslaved” by fossil fuels it’s the Military.  This isn’t supposition.  They, the Department of Defense/Department of Energy/et al, are doing as much research as possible as I type this.  And, hold on to your seats, they’re doing it with your tax dollars.  That’s right!  “We”, as President Obama put it, are already sending Billions of Dollars to exactly such schemes.

I will bypass the obvious argument that the Government should never be sending your tax dollars to private companies in the name of “investing“.  If they want something from the private sector they should buy it… with your tax dollars.  Leave the gambling to us, as individuals.  The Government doesn’t need to create new ways to waste taxpayer dollars, particularly when it requires fibbing to an ignorant public with the intent of sending their friends your money.  They’ve figured out plenty of ways to do that.

So let’s put this one to rest.  Enough of these “New” feel good programs… especially the ones that already exist, just not in a form that directly benefits the President’s contributors.

Stop clapping when these people propose exciting and fresh ways of Destroying our Country by growing our Crushing Debt.

One caveat – If we are willing to redefine “Green Energy” the way we have “Green Jobs”, in other words any job you can do stoned, then I might reconsider.  May be it would be something like manically running in circles after eating a bunch of your kids Ritalin.  Now that’s something I could get behind wasting your money on.


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2 responses to “Promote an Energetic Future!

  • Rattlesnake

    Do you live on Attu Island?

    I still need to be convinced that “green energy” is something that is important. Almost every technology (if not every one) is more environmentally friendly than it was 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, or whatever. Especially in the United States and the rest of the developed world. If the environmentalists care so much about the environment, perhaps they should be focusing on China. And that trend of increasingly environmentally-friendly technology is going to continue, especially as the “green” market expands (which it will on its own, without government involvement).

    Furthermore, the environmentalists oppose the two best sources of “green energy” that currently exist, nuclear power and hydropower. That leads me to believe that they care more about opposing things than they do about the environment.


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