The Religious Left saves the Constitution?

Today… Very Quietly… the Obama Administration has removed the provisions forcing Religious Institutions to provide Birth Control and Abortifacients within their Insurance Plans.  I wrote the below draft post about 6 mos. ago but it never made it to the front page, so to speak.  I think it’s now relevant.

Draft 6/28/12 – “Make no mistake, it was the Religious Left in this country that put a stop to any effort the Administration had planned to rally popular support behind the Obama Care mandate being upheld under the commerce clause.

The Obama Administration made the fatal error of attempting to force Liberal Catholic Institutions to provide birth control and cover abortion for all of their employees.  (I would include Conservative Catholic institutions but they don’t matter and losing them was already baked into the numbers as collateral damage.)

While we would like to think that our Supreme Court is strictly limited to interpreting the U.S. Constitution, anyone with an 8th grade education should have realized that’s a fantasy.  The court is, and always has been, partisan politically and swayed by popular opinion.

“You need me to tell you what to do.”  This has always been the fatal flaw of Socialist… the fact that Socialists like the idea of forcing OTHER people to do what they think is right.  But when their ideas are forced, or stand to be forced, upon them they rebel.  Look at the Religious Left… It happens every time…

Well, thankfully, it has happened again.

It is exactly the loud screaming from the Religious Liberals when their Constitutionally Protected rights might be effected that left Obama nowhere to go.  The Left tried to spin it as a “War on Women” but that failed to gain traction with good church going folks who vote democrat.  They knew full well that it was a war on them and they got in front of very camera and said so.  If these people didn’t find force so appealing I might even give them credit for standing up for their rights.

While the irony is profound, we should be celebrating winning a major battle to uphold, and honor, the U.S. Constitution. The defeat of Obama Care was a battle which has resulted in victory for those championing individual freedom and liberty.

This sound like pretty heady stuff… it is.

To say this is “big” is an understatement.  But it is just the beginning of what needs to be a multi-generational effort to roll back all of the Leftist schemes that have been implemented quietly throughout the U.S. for 100 years.

The court has put the focus, as it should be, on the government’s ability to tax.  What is interesting is that those opposed to socialized Health Care will have to also think long and hard about the other schemes we view as business as usual like Medicaid and Medicare… and of course Social Security.

It is now that we must begin our journey to fiscal sanity and stop evoking the numbers game of John Maynard and crew.  It is not a difficult concept to understand… spend less than you take in.  Leave all risk taking to the private sector.  Government is not, nor should it ever be in the profit game.  The best thing any government can do to spur growth is to get out-of-the-way and stick to the specific responsibilities outlined verbatim in the Constitution.

The time is now.  Right now.

Yes… We need to discuss “pre-existing” and “portability”.  So let’s do that in the free-market.  Let’s do that today.

Then, let’s move on to the next giant wasteful program that’s bankrupting the country… and then the next… and the next…

Vote out the politicians that exhibit even hints of Statist tendencies.  (Which in my opinion is every Democrat and 80% of the Republicans.)

Viva La Revolution – of fiscal responsibility and personal freedom to choose.

Enjoy this day briefly.  The war is far from over.

The Socialists will never go quietly.


While the main point of this draft was/is the hypocrisy of the Left and how the rules they see fit to force upon us are never supposed to be forced upon them, there is a much bigger question remaining unanswered.  If the Government cannot force the Religious Institutions to pay for such coverage, how under the U.S. Constitution can they force the Individual to do so?  Our Founding Documents were crafted to protect the Individual FIRST, before Religion.  This should be a huge story…

And if you’re Liberal reading this, how do you feel about right now?  After Gitmo, the Wars, Kill Lists, Gun Control (Joey G., you out there?) and now Abortion… may be you should be wondering what was meant by; “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” – President Obama to Russian President Medvedev.  You guys ought to check out some of my drinking games… you might feel better.


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2 responses to “The Religious Left saves the Constitution?

  • david

    unfortunately politics in America is a numbers game. if you can’t get tons of people all screaming the same thing it’s hard to get things done. you should see what’s going on at the new mexico state capitol building right now.

    the challenge is that people are lazy and getting them to do the simplest thing to help themselves is like trying to push a mountain to move it. our complacency will be our downfall and through our lack of effort we will have earned all the bad that we get thrust upon us.

    we need about a hundred million more boggers like you Mike. keep spreading the word, please…


    • Mike

      “…people are lazy and getting them to do the simplest thing to help themselves is like trying to push a mountain to move it.”

      I agree, people are lazy. But they should be left to their laziness for a couple reasons.

      First, it is not someone else’s responsibility to force the “correct” decisions upon them thus stealing the Universal demand that they be responsible for themselves. The motto of every politician when it comes to social issues should be “When in doubt, do nothing.” But what power can be found in that?

      Second, it is exactly that innate laziness that has motivated some of the most amazing and profound inventions the world has known as will motivate those yet unknown. Our constant desire to find new ways to save time is motivation in a bottle… or laziness depending on how you look at it. If you’re still not sure what I’m saying take a look at the evolution of the agriculture industry just over the last 100 years. Still not impressed? Go back 200 years.

      But back the original point, humans must fall or they will never learn to walk.. or do anything in between. It is exactly our “good intentions” that create the problems we lament and then sadly attract those who have a deeply wired desire to rule over us into politics. I would offer that it will those “good intentions” that will be the downfall instead of a “lack of effort”… but that would be a great discussion starter with friends.

      Thanks for the compliment! I hope we do find ourselves surrounded by people who want to engage is serious, reasoned, rational discussions rather than simply elevate themselves above everybody else in an effort to make themselves appear superior… May be one day you, David, get the itch to vent to the invisible. As for me… I’m going to get drunk. Cheer, Mike.


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