Give us $260 Million or we let another Diplomat Die!

In what appears to be a desperate attempt to blame “Congress” (they actually mean the House of Representatives… apparently we need to take the word “Congress” back too.) the Democrats are making the State Department look like the terrorists.

So, what do we do? Do we negotiate with terrorists? Do you think they will actually let another Diplomat die if we don’t give them the $260 Million they are demanding?

According to this logic they did it in September…. because they didn’t get the funding they demanded.

Clearly there is a mountain of problems here that certain political leaders are desperate to cover up. Holding the lives of our foreign service employees hostage to funding appropriations in an effort to blame “Congress” is absurd.  At this point it would not surprise me to find out John Boehner received a ransom note for the $260 Million glued together from letters cut out of Mother Jones magazine… or the New York Times.

As strange as this always sounds to Progressives… if you can’t afford to conduct an operation, then you don’t conduct that operation.


The Blame stops at the Secretary of State.
After watching this foolishness, I wonder how many of our Diplomats out in the field are still alive.

I demand Proof of Life!

The State Department should send us some fingers… just to be sure.

And… as I sit here and watch this, Hillary keeps laughing…


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