I’ve Had it with this Gun Violence!

“Another Shooting on Another Day at Another School in America” – Shep Smith

Another “School Shooting” has been reported at a college in St. Louis. I’m not sure which side yet. Missouri or Illinois but it really doesn’t matter.

I’m fed up!

This must stop!

We HAVE to start looking at the political orientation of these shooters!  What kind of mindset allows such violence?

We have historically seen Leftists killing our children and our friends and family and it’s time to put a stop to it.

We, as a Nation, must demand tests be given prior to allowing the sale of a firearm to another Socialist.

The story is new… but it appears that this shooter is yet another Leftist with a gun. And, historically this is always what happens when Leftists get ahold of guns.

This research must be conducted on every gun crime in America.  EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Surely you all agree with me right?  …because you’re not insane.

It’s only reasonable.


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