Do the Chinese Care?

On the heels of a successful ballistic missile launch by North Korea a couple of things occurred to me.

First, we had to let that launch happen to show the world, and those Liberals living in New York, that “Yes… the North Koreans do, in fact, have the ability to put a nuclear device on something and send it somewhere far away.”  So… now you know.

Second, China does not care. (At least not in the way we would like them to.)

It is not some intellectual feat to realize that the Chinese could stop North Korea from doing what it is doing at any time they wished. What might be puzzling is that the Chinese have nothing, in regard to technology, to glean from a sticks and stones program.

It is also not a leap to see that China views North Korea as part of what would be a Global China and meld seamlessly into their country.

They have an excuse to just take it… So what’s going on?

The Chinese have a serious problem on their hands. They need stuff for their people to do. “Serious” cannot be stressed enough in this context.

This is not a Western type problem where we argue about 3-4% differences in unemployment. They need tons of new jobs every month… every day. So much so that they have undertaken building Ghost Cities and Moving Mountains… literally.  If they don’t find things for their population to do they will have internal strife rarely matched in history… some of these things are already happening in the outlying areas of China.  When you don’t keep your people busy… and fed… they start sharpening the pitchforks.

So, do they really want another 30 Million people who need stuff to do?  (This aspect of how they Chinese treat North Korea occurred to me after reading a post by Sobpol: here.)  No, they don’t.  Revolution and rebellion is not fun for anybody.

So look at it this way, if the world decides to intervene in North Korea the Chinese can fire up the People’s Army… creating stuff for their people to do.  If they drag their feet a little and allow for some population reduction and general destruction in North Korea during such a military event all the better.  The Chinese know that whatever the outcome they will be the ultimate possessors of the northern peninsula with its newly created work projects, ports and resources.  They will easily be able to place themselves as the “peacemakers” and showing “extreme restrain” by not engaging those powers at war with the North Koreans.  Being allowed to walk into North Korea will be payment for not interfering… and they will need that as a promised outcome.  Time is on their side.

So don’t look to the Chinese to help with North Korea.  It is in China’s best interest to allow Un to hang himself… all of us to make a mess of the country… and them to clean it up… so to speak.


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5 responses to “Do the Chinese Care?

  • Sobpol

    Hmm, yes they need to keep their people fed in China -in fact the starving North Korean refugees is their foremost security concern in a collapse situation but my point is they are not just pilfering the resources of countries, but repopulating with their Chinese citizens -‘killing two birds’ it is in that sense their food problem is secondary to predomination


    • Mike

      OK… I can work with that. I’m just offering that they would like to expand with the blessing of the world. And this would go a long way in regard to explaining their apparent stance on their stepchild to the south.


  • Sobpol

    If you google “Chinese colonization” the search replies are: Africa, Vietnam, Taiwan and Tibet.  They are hungry for resources to continue their power ascendance and feeding their population is the secondary benefit.  Fascinatingly, Sir Francis Galton called this one -a hundred years ago. The question the US needs to ponder: are we the next colony? And, do we care?


    • Mike

      According to Jeffery Immelt, “State Run Communism works…”, so may be “we” don’t care.


    • Mike

      You and I will have to disagree one one point though. Keeping your people fed is not secondary… it’s primary. China proper is incredibly rich in resources… it’s the inefficiency of central planning that has retarded their ability to utilize them. The Soviets had/have the same problem. A deposit of silver will not rise up and kill you because it’s hungry.


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