Another Leftist with a Rifle?

(Updates at the bottom… updated 121212)

Portland, OR. 121112

Guy shoots up mall… no good information at the time of this posting.  Let’s see what the media makes up… quick, someone get Bob Costas!


Does he have a Anti-Capitalist Manifesto?  A copy of Earth in the Balance?  Did a Movie make him do it?  Was it a concussion?  An angry spouse?  A fired employee?  A kid with autism who blames his father?  An Angry Muslim who Hates the Big Satan?  A Skinhead Fascist?  A Crazy New Ager who subscribes to lucid dreaming? An Angry Communist tired of paying taxes? (All of these are real.)

Or will we be told it’s an angry, white “Tea Party” type… before they figure out it’s one of the above?

We’ll have to watch and see.

By the way… for those of you who are going to blame the rifle,  did he drive there?

If so, it’s clear the car is to blame.

“If he didn’t have that damn car he never would have been able to get to that mall and hurt those innocent people.”

Or… the wheel.  Or… gas.  Or… clothes.  Or… food.  Or… better parents. Or…

Did he go to a public school?

Based on the vast majority of such incidents historically my knee-jerk assumption is;

Another Angry Leftist… who happened to have a rifle and not a knife, pistol, bomb, airplane, crossbow or poison gas.

(Update: 121212   Shooter is male… 22 years old… stole rifle from a friend…)

(Speculative assertion:  121212 Shooter was wearing a “Guy Fawkes” mask.  Such masks are associated with groups like Anonymous and certain Anarchists.  It worth knowing that Anarchists are never Anarchists but rather they are used as “bomb throwers” for Socialists… they are just too stupid to realize it.  There were reportedly “no indications” of the Shooters intent to commit this crime.  I would ask if the police found the Huffington Post, New York Times or Politico book-marked in his browser… did he have any of Stephan Colberts books… or episodes of Real Time with Bill mahr on his TIVO?)


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