“Since you brought up the subject…”

“…of our Spending Problem…”

This should be the opening line on every interview from now until the march Debt Limit Increase deadline.  (Really it should be the opening line of every interview from now until forever.)

Free Advice is always worth what you pay for it. So here’s a little gift to the Fiscal Conservatives in Washington;

Talk about our problems… hysterically.

That’s it. Simple, Powerful, Direct.

Since the media is going to invite all of you to come on their shows in an attempt to finds ways of assigning blame for the Fiscal Cliff and the Economic Woes we suffer as a Nation while saving their Leftist Colleagues, it’s time to change the narrative.

Take a page out of the Liberal handbook. Go on the shows and talk about whatever you want.

In this case, for the next several months, you all should be talking about “The Impending Doom we are all facing” and the “Horrible Event about to Besiege us as a Nation”. “The End is Near” should be all we hear.

When confronted with why you are preaching these Apocalyptic predictions you must then lauch into “A History of Government Interference and the Politicians who supported it have brought us to where we are now!” This statement should be followed closely by a quick list of examples such as “The Tech Bubble, The Explosion of Taxpayer Money handed to Political Friends such as Goldman Sachs, Enron and Solyndra capped by the Death Blow of the Housing Bubble!”

If the press is stupid enough to walk into a real discussion of these events, it’s time to talk about Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, Bill Clinton, Cap and Trade (Energy) exchanges and the Market Distortions, Fascism and Crippling Debt these things create which has led to the Destruction of America… AAAHhahahhhh!  Then pass out.

It should be a “Sky is Falling” approach. Hysterics should be the baseline of what emotions need to be drawn upon while in front of these talking TV Leftists.

An opportunity like this is rare and you only have this one because the media is desperate to blame Republicans for increased taxes and what will amount to be yet another blow to an already fragile economy. You better take advantage of it.

And, being hysterical bordering on ridiculous, you might… might… be able to change the narrative when the press attempts to position you as insane.  Fine… you could end up on some of the light night comedy shows.  Good.  It all works.  (It reminds me of when Saturday Night Live and Fred Armisen employed a “laugh line” in an attempt to make fun of Rush Limbaugh. It was; “I don’t know about you… but I’ve never got a job from a poor person.”  …this was supposed to be a funny way of showing how idiotic Limbaugh is… and nobody laughed.  The truth has a way of making its own point.)

It’s your only chance to reach the Taxpayer-Money Addicted Americans who see government as the savior. Nothing needs to be made up, the history and facts are on your side. You just need to emote… while Staying on Message.

Gloom and Doom sells.  And sadly, Doom is knocking at our door.  We desperately need the truth sold.

I don’t care if you have to run around waving your arms… it might actually help.  Just stay on the message… which happens to be the solution.

“We do not have a taxing problem, we have a spending problem.”

“Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending.”

When asked for specifics… say “All of it!  Any of it!  It Must be Stopped!”  Then look around like the studio lights are about to fall on you and run off the set screaming incoherently.

Put the Leftist press on the defensive.  Demand answers from them!  Ask them what they would do!  If they say something like “We’re not the one’s in office…” reply with “We’re desperate and we need answers NOW!  We are here to listen to you and we are here right now having this discussion on your show, so lets hear what you have to say!  Please!  You’re a Citizen of this great country, What would you do?”  You might not get invited back, but at least you’ll get a millions hits on YouTube.  It’s not going to hurt you… we don’t have elections for two years.  If there was ever a time to do these things it now, for every imaginable reason.


Unless they don’t truly believe it, why do Conservatives have such a difficult time staying on this message?

The Socialists experience no such difficulty.  “We will not cut ‘entitlement’ spending.  Not Now, Not Ever.  How do you expect us to buy the votes we need to stay in office?”  Some of the Biggest Fools in our Government are found on the Left and get re-elected year after year after year.  (The infamous “Where did the astronauts place the flag on Mar’s?” anyone?)

We are out of time.


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