Save the Speculators!

At This Very Moment far too many Oil and Gas Speculators are losing everything they have.

Gas prices are falling and their call positions are now worthless!

They need your help!

Some of their families will go hungry.  Some will lose their homes.  Some will lose their cars.  They could find themselves in the unemployment line hoping that more than almost two years of taxpayer dollars will help them scrape by.

All of this through no fault of their own!

They are Victims of an Unjust Society.  A Society that revels in the lowers prices that are single-handedly destroying these Speculator’s livelihood.  A Society that expects to drive cars, heat their homes and benefit from products manufactured and sold at the lowest possible prices.  Evil, Greedy people.

Put a stop to this senseless hardship being placed on those who can suddenly least afford it.  Call your nearest Liberal Congressman and demand a tax-payer bail-out for those less fortunate than you, those victims of your callous disregard for their well-being.

Social Justice!  Market Justice!

(If you’re going to Demonize them when they get it right… then, It seems only “Fair”.)

For the rest of you who understand Economics 101 and how Free-Markets work, please disregard this post.

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