The Big Tent

An analogy misunderstood.

A tent is something you get inside.

It is a SINGLE piece of material that offers shelter for those who choose to get under it.

It is a single BIG IDEA…

As of this typing the Leftist Republicans have convinced the Rank and File that a “Tent City” is the only way to win an election.  They have succeeded in promoting a bunch of little tents brought together in a loose coalition which has done nothing but further the goals of those Statists on both sides of the aisle.  (It is imperative to remember that the only path balkanization promotes is the one leading to Socialism and the Statist or Slave State model.)

The BIG IDEA is right in front of them… the Constitution as it is written.  So simple yet so overlooked.

So obvious is this fact that one must ask why.

Is this intentional?  That’s the question many of the voters who found themselves voting Republican are beginning to ask… and the establishment has no answer.  The only answer that seems to be emanating from them is “we need to be more like the Left if we are going to win…”

I think it is time to return to the big tent.

It’s time to return to promoting ideas that have long been shelved in exchange for “newer” more “progressive” ideas.  The defense of these “progressive” Ideas is that they have not been tried, when in reality they are not nearly as “new” as Leftists want you to think they are, and they have been tried all over the world for the last 100 years to the detriment of their respective populations.

The U.S. Constitution is sitting right there before us… waiting to be read.  And, it’s not 2000 pages long.  We knew what was in it BEFORE we passed it.  We don’t even need “special” people to read it for us.

My Big Tent would have the fingerprints of the Founding Fathers all over it… the rest can be left to discussions at the local pub over pints.

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