An interesting essay regarding the current state of affairs by Dan Miller. I have some ideas as to what I would like to see… but I’m going to hold those until his next post on this topic. You can always find him at his wordpress locale if you would like to follow him directly. Cheers – Mike


Should we put it on life support and hope that it survives
or attempt to displace it gradually with something better?

Yesterday, I received a gracious e-mail from the Obama-Biden campaign thanking me personally for all that I had done:

Obama - Biden

Friend —

I hope you saw Jim’s note with the video of President Obama thanking supporters and staff. I wanted to single you out especially because you’ve gone above and beyond in your support of the President. (Emphasis added.)

I only wish I could have done even more to support his defeat; after all that he had done, it was past time for him to go. Now we are stuck with him for another four years.

On the day after the election, I tried to suggest here some of the things that went wrong and got him reelected.  There were many of them, and now we have to decide how…

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