Very Sour, Sad, Socialist Grapes

…make a bitter wine indeed.

I’ve always believed we get what we deserve. And we have re-elected President Obama for second term.

Many of the Conservative Pundants are finding small victories to make themselves feel better this morning because they simply do not want to believe we are a Nation of Dependants. Well.. we are a Nation of Dependants.

The Socialists have won a very important victory. They have preserved the Crown Jewel of Socialism… Nationalized Health Care. Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Norman Thomas, FDR and a slew of modern Leftists should be pleased wherever they might be.  The only challenge remaining before we slide into waiting lists and rationed care is in 2014 when the taxes are finally implemented to “pay” for it.  Keep in mind you will have millions of people, not to mention a huge bureaucracy, hooked on the government dole by that point.

Considering Socialized Medicine was all that remained of the Socialist agenda. I guess what I’m trying to convey here is we, the U.S., are now a European Social Democracy. If you think that might not be so bad, or are unsure of what that means, Lenin writes effusively on the glory of Social Democracy. Whip out your googler.

So what have I learned?

I have learned that I stand with a very small minority. I must resign myself to this fact. The Majority I tend to vote with seems to continue finding favor in people like Romney. Don’t get me wrong… Mitt Romney is a nice man, but he is far from having a solid foundation in Free-Markets and Free-Minds. This is demonstrated to me by the fact Mitt could barely get 70% of the primary vote… even after he was declared the nominee.  In other words, roughly 30% of the primary voters disliked Romney enough to get into their cars, drive to the polls and vote against him, when they could have just stayed home.  At the end of the day, I will keep promoting “More Reagan, Less Rove…” and continue fighting my battles in the primaries.

So what have we learned?

Nothing we didn’t already know. If you give enough people “free” cell phones, “free” food stamps, “free’ money through years of unemployment without the demand they search for work and “free” health care you will get their allegiance. This is a fact… and it makes me sad.

Don’t read this missive as angry, it’s not. Read it as the type of sadness associated with having that which you didn’t want to believe confirmed to be true before your very eyes.

So, congratulations to President Obama. He deserves to hold this office. He is delivering exactly what the electorate wants.

The Republican Party has a problem… and hopefully they know it. They have embraced the idea of compromise and bipartisanship giving us candidates like Mr. Romney. And Voluntary Cooperation, Free-Markets and Capitalism has been lost. The great experiment is over.

It should be of note that the “Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party” candidates continue to win elections when they hold true to a Constitutionally Conservative governing theory…. Just as they did in the 2010 mid-terms. I suspect this will be lost on folks like Rove and Morris who will perpetuate the concept that the only way to victory is to adopt the balkanization of the population practised so deftly by the Left.  And the drip, drip, drip of Alinsky Radicalism will keep winning to the detriment of our ever Diminishing Freedom.

This isn’t the end of the world… just the end of Capitalism.

I suggest we keep having the conversations we’ve had as of late with our friends and family so that in a hundred years there might be a couple of us left to start our story’s; “I remember when…”


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6 responses to “Very Sour, Sad, Socialist Grapes

  • Rattlesnake

    “More Reagan, Less Rove…”

    And hopefully less Santorum as well. The big state Republicans need to die (not literally, of course). Otherwise, there isn’t much that differentiates them from the Democrats (aside from the degree of statism). That is the lesson here, and if the Republican Party leadership doesn’t get that now, they are doomed to constant failure (depending on how the Democrats perform. And, if this election is any indication, that doesn’t matter a whole hell of a lot).


    • Mike

      Agreed. However, it was a lesson best learned 4-years ago. The legacy cost associated with President Obama’s re-election will last well into my old age… possible much longer.


      • Rattlesnake

        I am afraid you are right, although the impending fiscal cliff gives me an extremely tiny bit of hope that the lesson will be learned sooner than later (although, it also fills me with fear. Much more fear than hope. As in, there is a worldwide depression coming, and the solution will be more Keynesianism, and it will take a decade to recover instead of much shorter as would be the case with a free market approach, and the Keynesian policies will be credited with ending the depression again. And, who knows. Maybe there will be another world war (I don’t see the situation in Iran or Israel being solved any time soon). I’m pretty sure history is about to repeat itself).


        • Mike

          I don’t disagree with anything above. But, I’m very concerned about the Supreme Court judges he’ll get to appoint. Also, watch China and Japan as well as the Middle East. China, if a global depression occurs, will find itself in need of some quick nationalization to attempt warding off internal strife. And they, the Chinese, have a very long history of hating the Japanese… and vice versa.


  • david

    our founding fathers fled from England in the face of a deep divide between the country they had and the country they wanted.

    is there any land left on this planet for those of us feeling that deep divide this morning?


    • Mike

      What made the United States a miracle was it being exceptional. What I mean by that is it broke the rule. The founding fathers never considered the colonists to be smarter… more virtuous… or anointed by God. What made us exceptional was our system of government with it’s limited scope and strict protections of the individual and his property rights. That’s it. Nothing more.

      Those things are officially gone. We now become the “unexceptional”. We are no different than any European Socialist country anywhere in the world. I don’t see how it can now be turned back. Frankly, Romney was certainly no guarantee of that… but it was hope.

      To directly answer your question and lend additional weight to the decisions the founding fathers made; people have been leaving one land or another since the dawn of time to escape various levels of insult. The United States is the first, and so far only, new country to create the system we did. People always find their way back to force and it’s application onto others as a governing theory. Every time… now including here.


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