We Can…

…Put Men on the Moon.

…Put Rover’s on Mars and control them from Earth.

…Skydive from the Stratosphere.

…Put Tomahawk Cruise Missles into Chinese Embassies from hundreds of miles away.

…Travel the World with our Phones.

…Kill Terrorists from Drones in the Middle East controlled in the U.S.

…Detect Asteroids headed in our direction.

…Detect radio waves from other Solar Systems.

…Fly planes at 7+ times the speed of sound.

…Create Microwave Weapons, Sonic Weapons, LASER Weapons, EM Weapons and invisibility cloaking devices using light refraction.

…Map the Human Genome.

…Create life in a test tube.

…Monitor every phone call and e-mail on Earth in real-time.

…Convict Criminals using genetic identification.

…Create power with Fission…

But we can Never seem to Count all our Soldiers Votes.

By comparison, it doesn’t seem like it should be that hard… unless someone wants it to be.


Ballots will not Reach Soldiers

Ballots lost in Plane Crash

Military Voting Absentee Ballots go out late


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