A Gift from SobPol…

Get a Kleenex… you’re going to cry.

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2 responses to “A Gift from SobPol…

  • Alberto

    I don’t know about all this bullshit, it’s f*cking Halloween! Can’t we have candy without politics? Do you think the kids getting free candy tonight is enough! It won’t bring down the National Debt, but it’s a start. I just spent over a Hundred dollars on candy!
    It’s not like spending a Hundred dollars on “Candy” the stripper!
    Regardless, you can make money on candy!
    Let’s kill Fidel and we can all enjoy more candy! Remember, the sugar that makes the candy sweet comes from Cuba!


    • Mike

      I have more respect for “Candy” the stripper than all those parents teaching their kids how to be beggers… the least the little oxygen theives could do is wash my windows. Happy Halloween!


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