Final 2012 Presidential Debate Results

The overall Theme Last Night seemed to be MSU.  (Make Sh*t Up)

For those unfamiliar with this term it is a cousin of CRS. (Can’t Remember Sh#t)

Typically we see MSU during the campaign seasons followed by CRS once we’ve elected our representative whomever that might be.  We also see CRS when our politicians find themselves testifying before congress, investigative panels, commissions or traffic judges.  One of my favorite examples was Hillary Clinton during the White Water investigations.  Reagan also comes to mind, but he was at the edge of seriously ill at that point.

Anyway, it appeared the The President was willing to provide new “facts” regarding our foreign policy knowing he could not be challenged on them.  He also seemed to offer assessments of our standing in the world that seemed counter to what we are seeing with our own eyes… he must know more than we do.  Or, it’s a case of MSU.  You decide.

We did, however, get to hear a little honesty from our President.  He let us all know in no uncertain terms, that HE is The Country.  That is a soundbite that should live forever.

As Far as Romney’s performance… it was bland.  But bland was what it appeared they were going for.  “Just try to look like you wont mess yourself when you get into office”.  Mission Accomplished.  So, Bravo!

The next best things going on last night were Chris Wallace’s suit, and Chris Mathews getting to play the race card again…  Someone should follow Mathews around with a hidden camera for a day, that would have to be entertaining.

In the End, this debate had little influence.  We were all watching for a crash and burn… and got nothing.

Early voting has started over much of the country, so fewer and fewer minds are left to change at this point.  Short of Romney showing up at a campaign rally and slapping Obama, or the other way around, nothing new will come of this election.  At this point it is what it is.

I did have to drink quite a bit last night though.  They wandered all over the domestic issues… I think they got word of the rules.  I might have missed something important, but I’m having a case of CRS this morning.


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4 responses to “Final 2012 Presidential Debate Results

  • Sobpol

    You owe me $100 bucks don’t use CRS as an excuse


    • Mike

      Put it on my tab. I’m sure I’m running one up ripping you off… I have never been accused of original thought. However, My apologies are not worth much as of late. I seem to be doing a better job making other peoples’ lives difficult. Between you and Snake I’m not sure who I can make more angry. I’ll work on redemption.


      • Sobpol

        Charles Caleb Colton said “If we steal thoughts from the moderns, it will be cried down as plagiarism; if from the ancients, it will be cried up as erudition”. If Colton was part of the internet’s age would he have said scratch that BS? I think all ideas in the internet is just thought for the sake of itself

        Hmm, did I say a hundred….


    • Mike

      oh.. wait. Unless it’s not that I stole your content (I’m certainly not above that, mind you.) but you had to get a new place to live… crap. In that case, yes I do. Just reply where you would like it sent…


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