A Political Correction

Following the latest Gallup Polling numbers… it is no longer about Losing the Presidency.

For the Democrats, It’s now about losing Everything.

There were many politicians who rode the coat-tails of Obama into office. most were wiped out in the Mid-terms… it seems we are about to see part II of this phenomena.

We have seen Democrat “Heavy Weights” chime in on Libya…

Now we are hearing chirps of concern from the Leftists in congress.

And so it begins

The Democrats are very worried about the “down ticket” and how their candidates will fair with exceptionally low Liberal combined with high Conservative turnout.  Obama’s hope of retaining his current job will now be written off and all effort will be turned to preserving what’s left of the Socialists in Congress.  It will be all about damage control at this point.
This should be a relief to our President since he is clearly tired of the job.

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