How Dare You!

While everyone else focuses on when the President called the Benghazi attack “a Terrorist act”, I want to look at something else.

Feigned Outrage.

Long a tactic of community organizing, feigned outrage is most often used in place of real arguments of fact.

The “How Dare You Question Me!” goes a long way with the non-thinkers.  Which is why it is a classic weapon of the Left.  How does one person change the narrative, Deflect Responsibility, Accuse the Accuser? Get Offended.

I simply cannot accept that as an answer… and if our president chooses to be offended by my continued curiosity regarding the ridiculous d-movie excuse peddled by him and his Administration then so be it.  It’s good that he got a head start at last nights debate, because there is plenty of offense coming his way.

As I have mentioned before, it is not the “what” we are going to do about it… it’s the “why” we didn’t do anything about it before it happened.  The Ambassador to Libya’s location had been under consistent attack for months.  There is no current explanation that suffices for our neglect to secure him.

The Administration has floated the following; it was a spontaneous riot caused by a POS video no-one viewed, we didn’t have enough money because of Republicans and my personal favorite… UN Secretary Rice’s statement that “the security in place was adequate”.  Since all of these have been literally laughed off the stage what’s left?


Not directed at the Terrorists… but directed at those of us who want to know why.

When you can’t, or don’t want to, address the problem… be Offended anyone could Dare to ask you about it.

I don’t care about when the President said it was a terror act… committed by terrorists…

What I care about now is the clear cover-up.  This has now been confirmed for me by the Presidents behavior during last nights debate.  There is no other reason to work up the righteous indignation over a very legitimate question.

Being attacked by Terrorist A-Holes is nothing new, nor should we be ashamed or embarrassed over it… unless there is far more to the story than we are being told.  (I still think we are tied to the attackers some how.  All of this seems very similar to the “Green on Blue” attacks we have been seeing as of late.  We supply them with uniforms… we arm them… we train them… they shoot us.  It’s time to release the video’s.)

But there is an election going on.


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