Rematch! Debate 2012 II

Tonight is the night President Obama will attempt to regain a modicum of his dignity. After speaking with several associates it is clear that everyone hopes the President will have something to say. Anything.

Unfortunately, what we expect is a barrage of “Liar.”

Of course it will be coached in language like; ‘mistaken”, “uninformed”, “wrong”, “difficulty with the facts”, “misleading”, “out of touch” and of course the latest liar du jour euphemism “you’re not entitled to your own facts”.

But that’s all he has.  And Obama knows that no-one listens to the “fact checkers” nor will they do what I would prefer and check for themselves.  So… Romney could say 2+2=4 and Obama will say something to the tune of “Liar” or “You’re entitled to your own opinion… but not your own math.”

David Axelrod, et al, have promised that the President will be “more aggressive”.  I’m interested in this.

What will the President be aggressive about?  It has long been my contention that Socialists cannot come right out and say what they really believe.  It is also my contention that the Presidents current record is not one any human being would want to defend.  In addition, I have yet to see what specifics the President has offered on economic policy… while demanding it of his opponents.  (This is primarily due to Leftists not being able to say what they intend out loud where people can hear them, as mentioned previously.)  So what will he be “more aggressive” with?

So here is my unsolicited, and worth what you pay for it, advice aimed at the Romney campaign…

When confronted with the 47% – say “it’s true”.  And explain.  It’s a winner.  Everyone should have skin in the game.

When confronted with the off-shore accounts and tax avoidance – say “it’s true”.  And explain.  Everyone tries to avoid taxes… H&R Block anyone?  This is a play on the ignorance of the public, typical of Liberals, in their failure to recognize the difference between “avoidance” and “evasion”.  We ALL do the first… the second is illegal.  It’s time to educate the folks and point out that they are being “mislead”… once again.

When the demand is made for specifics, return that demand and remind people the President has been in office for four years without a single budget ever being passed, while driving us into a fiscal oblivion.  Bankruptcy is not a plan most Americans would see as viable.

When confronted with the social issues, remind everyone that the country is on the cliffs edge of fiscal collapse.  If ‘It’s the Economy, Stupid.” then “It’s the Debt, Dummy.”  The social issues will not save us.

And finally be as nice as possible while doing it.

All the while, give every opportunity for the President to be angry… and “more aggressive”.

Obama’s town hall history is one of stuttering, meandering, painful searches for cogent thoughts.  He is not good “on his feet”.  He needs his teleprompter in order to deliver “the greatest orator ever” reputation his handlers have built.  (Expect to see Crowley try to remedy this by 1.Leading him to the answer, or 2.Cutting him off and Moving to the next topic.)

Everything is at stake for the Obama campaign tonight.  They must do something to not just stop, but reverse the momentum Romney enjoys with three weeks out.  Voting is going on right now… and they know it.

This will be a genuinely fascinating debate to watch.

No drinking games for me tonight.

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