The Buck Stops… Somewhere!

“The Buck Stops here.” – Sec. State Hillary Clinton 10/15/12

Kind of… well, not really… there are other people who are experts that make security decisions at the Embassies. So, it’s just a figure of speech. Somebody else will be responsible once I decide who it is…
…after a special commission I set up has a chance to figure it out… after the election… sometime… may be…


So went this evenings interview with Secretary of State Clinton.

Is this getting old for anyone else out there?
(Can you imagine having a teenager who takes your car and runs over an old lady… then, looking you in the face, tells you that they’re fully responsible…. may be… but we’ll have to wait a couple of months until a special commission your kid put together comes to a decision on what exactly happened and who other they are actually at fault… AND YOUR KID RAN OVER THE OLD LADY 5 WEEKS AGO?)


The desperation to get Libya off the table has reached heights I have never seen.

Somebody screwed up big time… and it doesn’t tak e a commission to figure it out, unless it was a policy decision.  Then, it doesn’t take a commission to figure it out.

Buy time, buy time, buy time.

Anything to get Libya off the table for this election.

I wonder how the families feel?  And, I don’t just mean the wives, daughters, sons, parents, brothers, sisters etc.  I wonder how the special operator and private security families feel…



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