Shut Up About Libya!

At Least That’s What President Obama wants you to do…

A story just hit the wire… more like a press release.

“A Special Operations Strike Force is on Standby…”

Apparently the Obama Administration is having serious trouble with the Death of our Libyan Ambassador on 9/11.

So a story about the White House “being ready” to kill those responsible has been issued.

Let me ask you…

When are our Special Operations Units not on standby?

If we have a specific target in mind for our Special Operations units, why would we broadcast it?

And, finally, who is concerned about the “what” we are going to do about it?  I have only heard concern over the “why” it happened and the subsequent “misinformation” regarding the cause.  They primary concern is why the ridiculous explanation after the attack.  An explanation that has been discredited by all involved multiple times… yet continues to be resurrected by the White House.

This release screams of politics.  There is no reason for such a story except as an attempt to remove some of the heat the Administration is feeling on the negligence associated with the assassination of our Ambassador.

This release not only increases the odds of never being able to find those responsible by alerting them to our “special attention” being given them… the alert also increases the danger our troops suffer in accomplishing their mission.

You NEVER tell the Terrorist A-Holes that you’re going to get them… you just do it.

Someone needs to call these people on this.

This is the lowest form of political manuevre.

Are they that desperate to appear they are doing everything they can prior to the debates and coming election?

I’m genuinely disgusted… not surprised, just profoundly disgusted.

Killing ambassadors has historically led to war.  This is serious.  It seems everyone, including the Liberal Press, know this except the White House.  There must be “grow-ups” somewhere in this Administration.  While I do not agree with Panetta… or Clinton for that matter… they are adults.  They have always struck me as serious individuals.  I fail to see them thinking this is a good idea.  Unless I see differently, I must assume they do.

With this story the White House has now made it clear that nothing… not the lives of our soldiers… not the security of our diplomatic personnel overseas… not the intelligence of our citizenry matters.

All that matters is their re-election.  Sick.

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