Is Ryan the Dope, or the Rope?

Earlier today Joe Biden, when talking to reporters about the upcoming debate tonight, was heard to ask “have you ever seen my Rope a Dope?” Not allowing for a follow-up question of “Huh?” Biden gingerly walked away.

I sense a bit of nervousness. So let me offer some debate tips for Old Joe…

1. Don’t say anything stupid.
2. Refer to #1.

If it starts to go South… Plan B.

1. Silence.  (It might be uncomfortable but the moderator will certainly move on. At some point.)

If Biden follows my debate advice everything should go smoothly.

But for the same reason I will occasionally stop on a NASCAR race and watch with feigned interest, I hope it does not go smoothly. In fact, I hope once it starts the downward spiral it gets rougher and rougher until the moderator has to help… as we watched in the first Obama/Romney debate.

I have expressed my opinion about the Power of Vice Presidents in the past. No need to revisit that. So clearly I’m not ready, or even care to see, a substantive discussion of issues they will have zero influence on if their guy is elected. That leaves only one outcome that warrants inclusion in the news cycle.  Something ridiculous exploding out of Biden’s filterless speaking appendage.

In the end, I don’t think Ryan is the Dope or the Rope…  I believe Biden will bring both items for his own personal use.

All Ryan has to do is be pleasant and get out-of-the-way.  If he see’s an opportunity he can toss a log on the fire just to keep us drinking…

This should be fun.



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