The Ease of Appeasement

President Obama mentioned in the lead up to the debates that he had the benefit of “dealing” with “just about every issue” imaginable having been president for four years.
I’m not sure we share the same definition of “dealing with” issues.
In fact, I would offer that a foreign policy of Appeasement allows a president to imply he’s doing something when in reality doing nothing at all.

But with that comment another comment came into perspective.

I think you’ll recall “the private sector is doing fine…”.

If you apply the same Appeasement approach to Domestic Policy then suddenly this bizarre utterance makes sense.  President Obama actually does think the private sector is doing fine.  If he didn’t, he would have to get engaged and do something about it… so it must be FINE… it has to be FINE.

It’s almost as if he just doesn’t want to be president.  I feel the same way.

President Obama is a Socialist.  This is not news to any serious thinker on either side of the aisle.

By not getting involved in foreign affairs… and not reforming government intrusion into domestic affairs… he allows the march of socialism to continue unabated.  This is his desire.

It’s so easy…  all he has to do is nothing.  No bothersome intelligence, or economic, briefings he has to attend, no committee, council or commission time-wasters to show up at.  Painless!

Think about it for just a moment.

The few things he has accomplished have only served to hasten the United States’ move into a fully socialist state.  I shouldn’t need to list any of these accomplishments, but I will… Obama Care, An Explosion in new EPA Regulations on the Private Sector, A Doubling of the National Debt, A Quadrupling of the Money Supply, aka Devaluation of the Dollar, the Nationalization of a Car Company , the Explosion in Government Workers, a complete melt down in the Middle East, Domestic Drone Surveillance and a tripling in Domestic Phone Taps, Suing States to Prevent Voter Identification and the list goes on.

None of which I would suggest is beneficial to the overall health of a Capitalist country.

But wait, he did kill Osama Bin Laden… but I thought we couldn’t talk about that because it makes the terrorists angry and they attack and kill our Ambassadors abroad.  And I thought the death penalty was anathema to the Left… particularly an execution… apparently I need a Leftist to sort all of that out for me.

When the world is headed in what you think is the right (Socialist/One World) direction, why get involved and only interfere?

Appeasement is painless when momentum is in your favor.

Unfortunately, momentum is in his favor.

Enjoy the debates… don’t drink too much, we need you at your private sector job tomorrow.


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One response to “The Ease of Appeasement

  • danmillerinpanama

    I am reminded of a guy who was a highly experienced auto mechanic. He had worked on inefficient alternators and then they no longer worked at all. He had attempted to fix leaky gasoline tanks by welding the holes shut; he eventually recovered from his burns but the automobiles did not. He was sort of like my German hero, der Doktor Eisinbarth.


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