I’m Fatly Offended.

All that needs to happen is for some Radical Obese to go on a shooting rampage and burn the American Flag, may be kill an Ambassador from somewhere… (Ethiopia? Sudan?) and they would get the respect they deserve in today’s America.

Only then would they have the political leadership of this country modify their policy approach from a position of fear.  Only then would they have the Main-Stream Media conjure excuses for their murderous behavior and find ways to blame the rest of us for their plight.

Anyway… that aside.

Why is it okay to offend smokers and drug users, but not fat people?

All are behaviors.
All are behaviors that kill you.
All are behaviors that cost the rest of us tons of money in taxpayer-funded support.
All are offensive habits to those who don’t share them.  And even to some who do share them.

All of the above people will tell you it’s not their fault and it makes them “feel good”.

So whats the difference?

The difference is that there is a Ton of Fat People.

Just like Radical Islamo-Fascists, Fat Folks just need to start burning things (rice cakes? oatmeal? plain boiled chicken breasts?)  and beheading thin people if they’re going to get the same respect.

Why isn’t this happening?  Good question.

I offer that the amount of energy needed to hold a spontaneous protest leading to a well orchestrated assault on an US Consulate with the goal of killing it’s Ambassador is too much for the fat folks.

Shouting for days on end, carrying signs stating Death to Skinny People and burning pictures of vegetables takes a lot of effort… and frankly would go a long way to reversing that which makes them what they are, fat…

The current offense Fat People are “enduring” is a series of ad’s directed at modifying their behavior by using shame.


There is a way to solve this problem without the “shame”…

Scrap any idea of Universal Health Care… Obama Care… Single Payer… MediCare for All… whatever you want to call it.

Then insist that only individual plans be available for purchase. Everyone would have to carry their own personal health care policy and pay for it themselves.

Simple, Powerful, Direct.

It is only this way that behaviors will be modified.  (The only “free” way… the Chinese and the Russians have perfected the forced systematic starvation and gulag diets.  Socialists have some of the best Wild Grass Recipes anywhere.)

I’m a HUGE fan of doing what you want.  If you want to be FAT, SMOKE or USE DRUGS I don’t really care… as long as it doesn’t affect me.  This means you cannot expect/force me to pay for your health care, your cigarettes or your drugs.  You cannot eat my food, smoke MY cigarettes or steal my stuff to pay for your habit.

This is not a difficult concept to understand.  If you really want to kill yourself and have everybody else pay for it you will find the open arms of Canada.  It’s an easy move.  If you just want to kill yourself, get involved with the drug cartels down south.  Again, I don’t care.

Just stop being offended because someone doesn’t like your behavior while at the same time expecting us to pay for it.  It’s not our responsibility to keep you happy, or healthy.

Where’s my scotch?

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