Why Lie?

Now we know they Lied… all of them….  read that again slowly… they… lied.

But why?

Why Lie about the nature of the attack on our consulate (American Soil) in Libya?

Why has our Press tolerated our Administration Lying to us about the death of our Ambassador?

Why the coverup?

…just some questions.

Could it be that the only aspect of this Presdiency remaining perceived as successful was Obama’s Foreign Policy?

Could it be that the Administration was so married to having “Defeated Al Qaeda” that they couldn’t admit there was a tie to the attack?  (This would effectively diminish any positive results of Obama’s Drone Diplomacy.)

Could it be that this is the foreign version of Fast and Furious?  In other words, we (the U.S. Taxpayer) funded the up-arming of the individuals who used those weapons to attack the consulate?

Could it be that President Obama knows that the campaign for re-election is not going his way and desperately needed at least one issue he could debate on?

Could it be that it is all the above…

If any of these questions have validity, then expect to see only “moral relativism” and reliance on the ignorance of the American electorate on stage for the first debate.

It will be all the President has left.

We will see an attempt to ignore the existence of the 10th Amendment…  we will see an attempt by President Obama to highlight the “similarities” between himself and Governor Romney. Obama will do this not to gain votes, but rather in the hope of suppressing the turnout for his opponent.

I can hear the “man on the street” post-debate interviews now, probably already completed as of this typing; “I really don’t see the difference between the two men” – said Joe/Jane Shmoe who has yet to make a decision as to which candidate to vote for, etc, etc.  A statement meant to seem “reasoned” and appealing to “independent” minds.  While it is neither, somehow I’m sure this will be the typical sound bite regardless of how the debate turns out for the President and will appeal to Populists everywhere..

This is the last gasp.

When the Ends Justify the Means and Everything is at Stake, you Lie.  Setting down Alinsky and Pulling out The Prince at this point is desperate.


Could it be the President knows he has lost?

Ref: Attacking the 10th

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