Romney-Plan for 2012

It’s official.

Mitt Romney has chosen the Ryan Plan for his running mate.
The Romney-Plan ticket will have great success if offered boldly to the American Public.

This is a commitment of the highest degree.

The choice makes sense when you consider the other major choices.. for instance Tim Pawlenty or Paul Ryan. Either of these tickets would have provided the formerly uneducated U.S. Citizenry with men the CIA would be proud to have on staff. In other words, men who without any effort are fundamentally invisible even when they are standing right next to you.

Instead, Mitt has picked a Message. Brilliant. And, in my opinion, long overdue. I have promoted, screamed, pleaded even for an argument based on ideology since ideology, quietly over decades, is what has brought us to the brink of collapse.

To me, picking Plan is a complete endorsement of everything I think is right and an indictment of everything I think is wrong with the country. For me it is as perfect as the ticket can get given that Romney is on it.

However, I’m always careful to not give too much credit as we have all seen campaigns throw away elections in the past. If the Romney camp tries to run this ticket primarily as “two nice guys” it will lose. If the ticket was put together by the marketing consultants for alliteration value only it will lose. If Romney staffers think anyone will care about this ticket on a personal level, aside from those of us who live and breathe this stuff, it will lose.  If they take the “We don’t have a taxing problem, we have a spending problem.” message and beat the Liberals with it incessantly, we will win.

So I’m heading out today to find a Romney/Plan sign for the front yard.

The only things I like better than single malt’s are specifics… an actual plan instead of platitudes.

Watch who fills the chairman position on the budget committee… watch… this will tell you much about the establishment influence.  Watch who is offered up to run for congress in Wisconsin.  These things matter.

Let’s see how this unfolds.  Fortune favors the bold.


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7 responses to “Romney-Plan for 2012

  • eat0005

    Very well said! I was pulling for Romney to pick Rubio, but now I see why he chose Ryan. Ryan’s plan could be the ticket to winning the election. Thanks for sharing!


  • Rattlesnake

    The choice makes sense when you consider the other major choices.. for instance Tim Pawlenty or Paul Ryan.

    I’m guessing you meant to say Rob Portman here.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall you criticizing the idea of Romney picking Paul Ryan because he would be able accomplish more in his current position.

    Whatever the case, I completely agree with this. Paul Ryan is good at cerebrally defending and explaining conservatism, and in a way that is capable of resonating with people (that is a rare and very valuable combination). The more I think about it, the more good I think Ryan can do with the new platform from which he is now able to speak. Most people apparently don’t know who he is, but they will now.


    • Mike

      Yes! Rob Portman would have been good to include as well. And, no you’re not wrong. I don’t like Ryan specifically as a VP choice because I do like him in his current position. I think it is a sign of weakness that Romney didn’t just adopt the Ryan Plan as part of his platform in the first place, months ago. But… good enough is good enough. And, as you point out the plan now becomes an unavoidable part of the campaign. Good Enough! In regard to your point that Ryan is good at cerebrally defending and explaining conservatism, you’re again right. So at least we have one person on the ticket who is. Good enough…


    • Mike

      Oh, wait… I think you’re under the impression that I didn’t mean to say Paul Ryan when I was talking about being invisible. On the contrary, I did mean to say Paul Ryan. That’s the whole point. If you remove Ryan’s Plan from the equation he would be a terrible choice, just like Pawlenty would. And, as you mentioned correctly, Portman. Without the Plan and the specifics Ryan would be just another intelligent and communicative conservative. We are increasing the numbers of those… slowly, but momentum is in our favor.


      • Rattlesnake

        I see. I still think Paul Ryan would be a good choice due to his knowledge and his ability to connect with people (among other things), even if he didn’t have his budget. Of course, his budget is a major asset. If not Paul Ryan though, I would have picked Bobby Jindal.


        • Mike

          I like Jindal too. OK… this will be difficult, specifically for you, but remove half of your IQ and think in terms of the average TV watcher. Let’s assume there is any merit to my argument. Jindal would have been a better choice sans the Plan. Jindal is intelligent, communicative, conservative, and interesting to look at… in other words hard to forget. I hate to be so shallow, but there is a certain reality one has to deal with when taking a product to market.


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