Protesting the Protesters.

What happens when a special interest group has little to complain about?
What happens when a group of people who used to be important faces increasing irrelevance.
Well, you hold a “kiss-in” at a fast food chain.

Let me be clear here. I would no more eat at Chic-fil-A because it’s owned by a Baptist who believes in the traditional view of marriage than I would not eat there because it is owned by a Baptist who believes….

This is not the criteria I use to determine how I make my purchases. I owe myself, and all of you, the duty of choosing the best product to answer my needs as I determine them. I do not first, or second or third, ask myself is the owner of this establishment Jewish, Baptist, Muslim, Gay, Straight etc. The whole idea just seems odd.
That being said, I have to confess I have enjoyed watching the Chic-fil-A drama unfold.
Keep in mind, this started because a man who believes marriage should be between a man and a woman stated this belief during an interview with a Baptist organization.  Holy Crap!
But, what if it was the other way around?
“This all started because a man who believe marriage should between anyone you want stated this belief on an interview with a Gay organization.”
Not such a big deal really, right?
So as far as I’m concerned the tremendous backlash is more a protest of the protesters than support of traditional marriage. (Yes, of course many of those who patronized Chic-fil-A may support traditional marriage but something motivated them to wait in lines, some an hour or more, to get their soggy chicken sandwich.) This is a protest of the protesters. It comes down to this… We are all tired of being pushed around. We hear your discontent without you intentionally attempting to disrupt our lives over a non-issue like some guy stating a belief that we may or may not agree with.  I say non-issue because nobody is dying here.  It’s an issue that should be addressed in my opinion, but it is a massive distraction from the real troubles of the world.
If there is any doubt as to how I feel about this subject please visit “Men Marrying Men“.
Overall, I think the idea of protesting the protester has been a long time coming. In the past too many of us have passively allowed special interest groups to set the protesting agenda. We sat by afraid to say out loud that we may, or more often, may not agree with what ever the protesters were saying. The media, if they agree with the protesters, trot out and dutifully turns the cameras on these people then squeeze the shot so the 10 screamers who came out to hold up signs and hold up traffic looked like “a crowd”. The message, regardless of how inane it might be, is posited in the viewers mind as the “right” and “fair” one.  “It has to be right, I saw it on the news.”

So,  I love free speech! I’m pleased both sides of all the issues have decide to use it. I’m still not going to wait in even a five-minute line for a soggy chicken sandwich.

Let me leave you with a question…

When was the last time the “Gay Community” held a “kiss-in” or any other overtly obnoxious, intentionally provocative, protest in front of a Muslim owned business?  Muslim leaders and business owners have made no secret of their anti-homosexual beliefs.  The sound bites of interviews abound.  So why?

It’s because Baptists don’t kill people who confront them… they serve them breaded chicken on an oily smashed bun.  Almost as bad but not quite.

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