What happened?

What happened to the Fiscal Conservatism message?

I just watched a reply interview with Jeff Sessions… and I had to set my scotch down.

Remember this;

We don’t have a Taxing Problem, We have a Spending Problem“?

It dawned on me… Seems like decades ago, doesn’t it?

The Republicans are reverting to the party of predictability. The party of John McCain…  where the only substantive difference from “their friends across the aisle” is in name only.

This is exactly why Romney can only garner 70% of the primary vote even when all the other candidates dropped out.  This is exactly the behavior that causes Republicans to find so much dissent within their ranks. (While the Liberals would like you to believe that this dissent will cause voters to turn to the Democrat party, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything it will cause conservative voters to migrate to “Independent” and “Libertarian” parties as most Americans have no understanding of the committee process and majority assignment of chairs. Either way, it works well for the Liberals.  And they know it.)
The Conservatives had a message that resonated, and now they are running away from it.  Why?
Could it be that they are afraid they might win?
What I mean by this is if they win they will be expected to deliver.
It’s one thing to posture as a fiscal conservative, it’s entirely another to act like one even when it hurts.
We are 90 days out of what I consider a turning point in American history. I have seen this very place many times over the course of time, across the world. This is a choice which will determine the fate of the United States as founded versus the United States in name only.  It is a choice between Social Democracy, and Constitutionally Limited Government combined with Free-Market Capitalism protecting our Freedom, Liberty and property rights.

This is not difficult to understand… nor is it difficult to communicate.
To once again watch the message of Bipartisanshitt being propelled by Senators and Representatives alike is a path to disaster. A path that takes one to a place of no return.
We need to get back to the message that won the House… and Governorships… and State House seats… and most importantly, the voters hearts and minds.
We need to get back to the concept of fiscal responsibility that every American deals with at their kitchen table… and at work… and all day, every day, every minute of their lives.
We need to get back to explaining our incredibly serious problem in terms that those with other things to do can understand…  and act upon in a positive way… and yes, expect their representatives to deliver on.

This is a winning message as proven when the chips were down and there was no sign of hope just 2-years ago.  It’s a message that gave us another chance in 2012.  It’s a message we are making every effort to squander.
What happened?

(Let me make one last point.  I suggested a few weeks back that Rice would be a good choice for VP.  I received some push back behind the scenes and I understand the reasons offered as to why she would not be… but what seems to escape some of those quick to support certain others is that a VP is as useful as teats on a mule.  VP is a throw away position that removes the useful from productivity.  A Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio are far more important where they are than going to funerals and waiting for the President to meet an untimely demise.  A “Rice” type as VP does not remove a person in a hard-fought position who is far more valuable ACTING like a fiscal conservative, not just posturing as one.  The Republican Establishment would like nothing more than taking a powerful Rubio or Ryan and emasculating them with a VP position.  The John McCain wing of the party would get to pretend they support such ideas for public consumption while getting what they want, which is more of the same.)


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3 responses to “What happened?

  • Sobpol

    Your point of removing a player already in position is valid but Romney’s lack of passion is to the Republican’s detriment.

    Rice isn’t interested but I think her run a brilliant strategy; I’m curious about the ”push back”?


    • Mike

      Most of the opposition to my argument was that Rice was not “conservative” enough. There was a lot of behind the scenes conflict when she was Sec State regarding some of our allies, particularly Isreal. Most of the debate originated from those I consider dedicated Stratfor readers… which is fine, just a limited view in my opinion.


    • Mike

      I missed the other aspect of your comment… I agree. Floating rice’s name was timed just right to cause maximum indigestion for the re-elect campaign. I too don’t think Rice wants’ it, but the stage is being set for Hillary to ride in on her Unicorn and considering I’m not he sharpest bowling ball in the deck it is apparent to the Romney Camp as well.

      Yes, Romney’s lack of passion is an issue that we will all have to deal with. But… As I have stated many times, I vote for the least Socialist candidate with the best chance of winning. What I see being different today than in the last 4 decades is the voters seem more willing to keep their thumbs on their reps., rather than just voting for the best hair and walking away. I think the country has been burned in the extreme by allowing symbolism over ideological substance to determine our vote 4-years ago. We’ll see. Always the Cynic, always the Optimist.


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