Forward Socialists! We’re waiting…

Richard Trumka channels Norman Thomas! Charge!

With his push for a “New Bill of Rights” he is reaching back almost 100 years.  More power to him!

Credit should be given to Trumka for pushing to make the argument one of truth.  An argument of political foundations.

The choice in 2012 facing The United States is “Are we going to finally embrace Socialism in all it’s glory? Or are we going to honor Capitalism and the unbelievable wealth and fortune the free market has provided us over the last 250 years?”.
Thomas would be proud that his Socialist Platform of 1928 has been revived and is being championed by Richard Trumka and the AFL-CIO.  As far as I’m concerned it is exactly the argument we should be having.  It provides clarity to a political party who has long worked to obfuscate their ideology.

Sunlight is the greatest cleanser.  So let’s throwback the curtains!

I have long promoted that if you were going to be a Socialist then be the best Socialist you can be… and Trumka seems to have subscribed to this.  But what this requires is that your liberal voting block also understand what this means.  The true believers, the hard-core, see complete logic in Communal Socialism.  They, like Trumpka, cannot understand any opposition to the Marxist Utopia… and it makes the incremental Socialists cringe.  The incremental types, like the Clintons, know that if you actually explain this ideology in an easy non-“nuanced” way, the common man turns pale then turns away.

So let’s give Richard Trumka as much attention as possible.  Let’s have this discussion regarding evil companies like Bain Capital that save hundreds of failing companies and ultimately save hundreds of thousands of jobs.  I’ve been ready for this for decades.

We should take a lesson from the leader of the AFL-CIO and stop being ashamed.  It’s time to remind everyone who pays for the roads and bridges they then use to create more wealth to pay for more roads and bridges.  It’s time to explain Capitalism in contrast to Socialism and why all individuals should be proud engines of prosperity and freedom.  It’s time to be the best Capitalist you can be.

The ideologies of Capitalism and Socialism are mutually exclusive.  But if you can’t define them you can’t participate in the discussion. This is an educational war between the free and those who wish to force… an educational war we should not have to be fighting given the complete failure in every way of Socialism world over.  But, when you don’t know the difference between to two then how do you know what you’re looking at?  In this regard the Left has brought us here.

We have allowed the Left to take over our schools, our banks and our government at every level.  All the while they remain the minority.  All the while a minority so disliked they have had to cloud any mention of what they genuinely believe… until now.  And, we cannot allow a moment of honesty go to waste.

Now is the time!

This is the last refuge of individual rights and personal freedom!  Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

Join me in the Capitalist Revolution!

What have you done for the front lately?

Note: Socialist Party Platform 1928 –


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