Bitter Medicine

The Supreme Court of the United States has just given all of us… ALL of us… a lesson in honesty.  This decision is a victory for truth.
Contrary to what we seem to be hearing in the media at this early point in reviewing the decision to “uphold” Obama Care, I do not believe Chief Justice Roberts “sided with the Left” on the court. I think he sided with the truth…
Obama Care is a Tax.
And, Congress can tax the crap out of you and spend it on whatever they want as long as you let them.
So, while we will be fed constant coverage of the Administration doing victory laps, the Taxed Enough Already party will be waking up.  Carville has said they were “dead”… to this point I had started agreeing with him. However…  things change quickly.
The TEA party will now have new ammunition as this ruling will put their attention squarely on all of Congresses tax schemes and all of the programs that are driving this country into bankruptcy.
The Elephants in the Room cannot be ignored any longer.
Since Obama Care is a tax, it elevates it to the status of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security… the Three Musketeers of Fiscal Insolvency. I guess that would make Obama Care; d’Artagnan. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the french reference… just seems so appropriate.)

While I would have liked to see Socialized Health Care dismantled quickly and cleanly, this is a very good result.

I have asked repeatedly that we all start thinking about what we think. I have desired a philosophical fight with one side championing the freedom and liberty of the individual and the other side promoting the brilliance of collectivism and it’s historically demonstrable “success”. (May be “track record” would be a better phrase than success…)
We are about to have that fight.
It appears I’m getting what I’ve wished for.

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