The GOP is trying to suppress the Vote!

We should all be outraged!
It is clear, at least to Nancy Pelosi, that the GOP’s “manufactured” concern over U.S. taxpayer-funded up-armoring of Mexican Drug Cartels and the subsequent death associated with it is actually a blatant attempt to suppress the illegal alien and dead vote. Wow… after reading that last sentence it becomes clear to me as well. How could it be anything else?  Dead People and Non-U.S.Citizens beware!
I also think the attention being directed on AG Holder and his program that led to the death of over 200 Mexican Citizens and BATFE agent Brian Terry (That’s his name Mr. Carney…) is without question also a War on Women.

And, obviously the “manufactured outrage” over the BATFE operation to send guns to drug dealers using your tax dollars is just the GOP trying to embarrass the Attorney General and the President 2-years before an election.

And, the attention being given the finely crafted and expertly executed mission to hand assault weapons to Drug Cartels in Mexico, at your expense, is just a GOP “scheme” to starve minorities and push grandma over a cliff.

I wish Representative Pelosi would run for President.  She’s a smart thinker.

When it’s so clear, how can there be any questions?

Thank you Nancy for clarifying all of this for us.


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