The Private Sector is doing fine.

Well there you have it.

The President has spoken.

Quit crying, fool.

So, if you are still struggling to begin paying off the massive amount of debt you’ve acquired attempting to keep your business afloat through this recession… sorry, recovery, then you’re the exception.

Everybody else is doing fine.

If you’re still not taking a salary because you have to make payroll, then something is wrong with you.

Everybody else is doing fine.

If you are not hiring floods of new workers because you can’t afford it, then you’re evil.

Everybody else is doing fine.

If you can’t find a job, you’re all by yourself.

Everybody else is doing fine.

No… no… no…
It’s the Public Sector/Government that is in trouble.
It’s the teachers in the Government/Public schools who turn out the best and brightest at amazing rates that are in trouble.
It’s the Public Sector Unions who risk having to contribute to their pensions that are in trouble. (By the way… how does your pension look private sector worker? What? No pension?)
It’s the government employees who earn on average far more than their private sector counterparts (who are doing just fine) that are in trouble.

Anyone who says this President is out of touch must be insane. Clearly he has his finger on the pulse of America.

Meanwhile, anyone who stands in the way of such a “tuned-in” administrator spending yet more money we do not have is obstinate, obstructionist, obtuse.

This is a mindset. This is a view of the world from very high indeed. An elitist mentality does not describe this type of thinking adequately.

President Obama is an ideologue. Which is fine… so am I. We just come from mutually exclusive points of view… and I’m honest enough to admit it.

So, raise your glass to an optional reality.  We are being shown by the most powerful man in the world that as long as we say “everything is fine” then… everything is fine.

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9 responses to “The Private Sector is doing fine.

  • Mike

    From Obama’s point of view, this comment make sense. State and local governments have had to shrink their workforce (slightly) to match their revenues. I’m sure the President doesn’t regard that as fair, and wants subsidized state and local government employment. To him, that’s the real economy, not everyone else in the private sector doing incomprehensible things for incomprehensible reasons.


  • Rattlesnake

    The problem with Obama’s ideology is that it demonstrably doesn’t make any sense. That is what is wrong with Obama being an ideologue, which he has every right to do, but he has no right to enforce his unconstitutional ideology on all other Americans (except for, of course, his donors and friends).


    • Mike

      Genious! If we could just figure out a way to restrict Socialists to enforcing their ideas on their friends. I can always count on you for the added value.


      • Rattlesnake

        I think you read my comment wrong… what I meant to say was that Obama’s donors and friends are exempt from his socialism, while he enforces it on everyone else.


        • Mike

          Oh, sorry… but you’d support him only being able to force his friends to do stupid things right? If so my previous comment stands. It would be fun to watch how much support Socialists could maintain if they could only employ their ideas on eachother. I continue to give you credit. Cheers.


  • danmillerinpanama

    Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    The private sector (marginally unionized) is doing better than it should while the public sector (heavily but decreasingly unionized of late in Wisconsin) needs massive Federal assistance in its time of need once again to become and then to remain selflessly unionized. President Obama, whose ascendent wisdom – truth and beauty, all we know on Earth and all we need to know — has told us so and as good citizens we must believe. Every worthwhile innovation and advance since the dawn of humanity has been bred, born and nurtured in the public sector. Where else are both sides of the bargaining table owned, as they must be, by unions? The putrid private sector is populated exclusively by selfish money-grubbing dullards while the public sector has only the best, brightest, most European American and most altruistic. Those who labor on our behalf in the public sector vineyards need our encouragement, through generous benefits not available to others, because they are the last vestige of American Exceptionalism. To the extent that employment in the vast wasteland of the private sector is hard to find and keep, let us praise President Obama for it is good. It is time to Move Forward to the dawn of a new day, when only the public sector can and shall exist. Let us all support, and then blow our trumpets to herald, the ascendency of our all encompassing and gloriously unionized public sector state.


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