Walker win brings out the ridiculous…

While I fully expected a victory last night for Scott Walker in Wisconsin, I didn’t think it was by a wide enough margin. But that’s for another discussion.

What’s funny is the wailing and gnashing of teeth from all of those Liberal “community organizers” who pulled out all of the stops in order to “get the vote out” and defeat an elected official who did nothing but what he said he would do if elected in the first place.

But what is even funnier is a single excuse I heard multiple times from paid commentators regarding the defeat. It goes something like this; “the people of Wisconsin were so fed up with the recall they turned out in massive numbers to vote for Scott Walker”.

OK… let’s think about this piece of genius for a moment. First it was offered only by Left leaning “journalists” as a reason for the win. Second, it assumes that even Democrats in Wisconsin being “fed up” with the recall were so “fed up” that they got in their cars and went down to the polling location… waited in line… then pulled a ballot on voted for Walker… just to make a point they told no one about.

So why you might ask is this mantra even being uttered?

The reason is that the win for Walker almost doubled the margin he won by the first time even with all of the Left’s efforts. Turn out was huge… from breathing Republicans and not so breathing Democrats. The Liberals are standing there looking at each other in disbelief because they thought they would at least be able to tighten the margin up so they could claim Walker was “losing support” after his first year.  They couldn’t even produce that.

The dissonance the Left is feeling nationwide is palpable.

Now, this leaves them only a couple of outs.

1.  The Republicans cheated in a way that is so big that it produced a margin of 7+ points… or…

2. The voters were so fed up with the recall they participated fully instead of staying home as would normally happen.

It’s so stupid it actually hurts my head.

Remember, it can never… never… never be an outright rejection of socialism and the public sector unions, who bankrupt this country, that support it.  Never.


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