Let’s talk about Rand…

Since Ayn Rand has come up recently in the background, let’s talk about her a bit.

The Left HATES her… with a white-hot passion, and for good reason.  She is so dangerous to them they would have you dismiss her before ever meeting her.  Once you meet her they will accuse you of being in a cult.  May be so…  but if there was ever a cult I would join…

Ayn Rand was a brilliant free-market capitalist, self-centered almost to the point of narcissism… and a speed freak. And, I love her.

I love her for everything she sent me off to do.  Because of her I searched out Aristotle, Locke, Hayak and Von Mises, read Calumet “K”, learned to love Victor Hugo, found Wright and Neutra.
I have read everything publicly available short of going directly to ARI’s archives.
I’ve consumed her every word and even found pictures of the Lions.
However, she would not like me much.
It would be a tale of unrequited love.
I consider myself an Agnostic. She would consider me misguided.
I understand why, as hers was a world that rightly suspected all institutions, particularly religious ones, of seeking the subjugation of their followers.
She also felt that Man was to be worshipped and he should strive only to achieve because it was his responsibility as the most powerful thing proven to exist.
I simply subscribe to the idea that I don’t know. And because I don’t know it leaves me humble as it should all of us. The search for God/Truth should continue as it is the basis of science… but we must all recognize that there will always be questions without answers when our time is up. So we will always “not know”.

She would leave me like she did Isabel.
That’s enough of the borderline “heavy” stuff, and morsels for your googling.

But it is a testament to Rand that most often discussion goes that direction when she is brought up by those who know her.
It is also a testament to her that while she would have me checking and re-checking my premises, while eventually ceasing to speak to me at all due to her frustration, I would remain indebted to her and respect her none the less. I suspect Mr. Brandon might say the same thing.
The Collective was an incredible group of people seeking reason during a time when feeling ruled the world. They were the true outcasts within their age group and held in contempt by those in the know.
Anything less than respect must come from the ignorant…
So there you go.

If I were to suggest a single book by Rand and the Collective it would have to be Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. (I don’t recommend books.)
You don’t have to know her like I do, but you’re doing yourself a disservice not at least going on a date.
Cheers! Mike

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4 responses to “Let’s talk about Rand…

  • Rattlesnake

    Awesome. I’ll have to put “Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal” on my list of books to read. And I’ll also have to look into some of those names you mentioned, and Friedrich Hayek is probably the first person who ever influenced me philosophically.

    I share your views on agnosticism as you state them; I don’t know how there could be any way to disprove the existence of some sort of God or spiritual force (although, I suppose if positive evidence of such a God or force was ever discovered, it would cease to be spiritual). I lean towards atheism, but what I just said is why I’m not a full-blown atheist.


  • Mike

    Come now sobpol… don’t be boring. There is only one way to know a writer, and that’s through their words. There is only one way to know a person…. Have a drink and take the rest of us a little less seriously.


  • sobpol

    Charming but no one knows a writer through their words, immoderately a female. The only times a a man or woman is honest is during their last five minutes


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