There is a feature of intellectual laziness that is irritating beyond comprehension. It is the use, or should I say misuse, of the word “gentleman”.

It seems to be the default instead of the considered title for every male.

Police spokespeople and especially news readers will use “gentleman” to identify individuals related to criminal activities instead of the many options such as; “the individual”, “person”, “suspect”, their NAME etc.
It is extremely difficult for me to hear how a specific “gentleman” is suspected of killing his estranged wife and two children with a hammer. Or a “gentleman” held up a liquor store and subsequently shot a police officer multiple times.  Or a “gentleman” molested a child…

A modicum of thought in regard to what you are about to say is all that is required.  Words mean things, they have specific definitions no matter how frustrating it is to fools who wish to sound intelligent.  (Or, more insidiously, by those who intend to confuse.)

So, Think before you speak…  and pay close attention when you listen.

I have talked about this before.  The above is indicative of a much larger problem as many of you have already know.  I believe it is a crusade for The Theft of Meaning.  If words are misused often enough then we will be desensitized to meaning altogether…  we will be scolded for listening or “parsing” ones words as we were during the Clinton Administration. “Don’t listen to the words… listen to what he means…”. What?  (Frankly, when you have 30 people writing, editing, and re-writing your speeches they should stand up to a good “parsing”.  But I digress.)

Do use all a favor, Leftists, and leave the language alone.

If you want to numb my thinking, send me a case of bourbon.

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3 responses to “Gentleman?

  • sobpol

    A man who bitches on the style of written language and offers a conspiracy? Holy shit, you are a alembicated dude 😉


  • danmillerinpanama

    “Gentleman” once meant a man privy to the person of the king. It eventually devolved to mean an educated man who had no need to work. Later, it came to adorn the doors to toilet facilities intended for the use of males. With the advent of unisex toilet facilities, I wonder what will happen to it.


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