The Reasons Obama Lost.

It’s always fun to collect these ahead of time so you can laugh out loud on election night and the weeks after…

While we already know it will have nothing to do with the outright rejection of socialist ideas, here are my top five:

1.  You’re a racist… again.  (you took some time off and voted for Obama but now your back to your old, comfortable, ways.)

2. Anti-incumbant backlash. (You’re mad at everyone in office… not just leftists on both sides of the aisle.)

3. Poorly educated whites.  (this distinction is important.)

4. The economy. (with no further exploration of why the economy is bad)

5. You’re throwing a temper tantrum (one of my all-time favorites…you’re all children.)

Please feel free to add to my list, but do it quickly as I need to have this ready for my election night drinking game!


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3 responses to “The Reasons Obama Lost.

  • david

    7.) you’ve recently awakened from a four year coma and wonder why your neighbors haven’t paid their mortgage in two years and are still living in their house. oh, and they’re also getting $100,000.00 of mortgage relief, you’re not however because you had the gaul to actually PAY YOUR MORTGAGE!


    • david

      8.) you think that you can spend your money in better ways than politicians can. you also think that you should not spend money YOU DON’T HAVE.


  • david

    6.) your spouse is voting for Romney and you’re too lazy to educate yourself about the issues that directly effect your life everyday.


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