Why Bain is the Right Argument.

What is Bain Capital?

For that matter, what are Private Equity Firms such as Bain Capital?
Simply put, Bain Capital is a private (not public/taxpayer-funded) company using private funds to save companies where EVERYONE IS ABOUT TO LOSE THEIR JOBS because the company is about to go out of business. (You might not have noticed, but I emphasised “everyone is about to lose their jobs”. In case I’m not being clear, when I say everyone I mean 100% of the employees. This includes their benefits and insurance and all the other goodies that the Left thinks the provision of is the only purpose of the employer.)

OK. How does an argument stating “Bain fired people” benefit the current Administration?

It doesn’t.

If it were not for Bain, and companies like them, everybody gets “fired” or at least the outcome is the same.

So simple is this that only the hardcore leftist/anti-capitalists and their useful idiots will continue repeating it. Perfect.

This could be the sword upon which they will fall . Given that time is running out for them to find a winning strategy and momentum is firmly in the Romney camp, this argument should be strung along for another week or so. Promote it. Pretend it is damaging and let them commit fully. Then spend another two weeks having the discussion so many of us have wanted to have for decades.
Capitalism vs. Socialism.

Let’s weigh out the success stories of Socialism and Capitalism. We can even allow the Left the entire globe to pick and choose examples illustrative of their planned brilliance. We can hold our hands behind our back and not bring up the recent embrace of the free-markets happening in China, Vietnam, South America, etc. We can just stick to home and then even further constrain ourselves by citing only examples in the last 250 years.
The profound difference between the two mutually exclusive governing theories is truly what this and the next 1000 elections should be about… so let’s get out of the way and let the Liberals drive this bus for a week.

Cheers to finally getting around to what matters and away from that which does not.

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4 responses to “Why Bain is the Right Argument.

    • Mike

      OK… I like what you are attempting to say. Here’s the rub. There is an old adage regarding government. it is like a hunter that shoots at everything that flies and takes credit for everything that falls. If there are tax incentive, subsidies etc. available to Bain, or any of the private equity groups out there they should be taken advantage of. The idea that a capitalist must fall upon their sword would be to the delight of every big government socialist in existence. It is when the capitalist begins to take orders from government that they have crossed into the fascist form of socialism and should cede their title. So, yes. Unless your position is that we have not seen capitalism and it has thus not been tried… which would be a terrific argument. But you would have the leftists up in arms because who could they blame for the current situation here and around the world.
      In regard to lobbying, it is our right to petition our government in any manner we see fit. If it is lunch at the palm or a dirty hippy protest in a park so be it. Rich folks like Koch brothers can pay a guy in a suit to take out my congressman, and Soro’s can bankroll the Occupiers. And then we all can talk freely about it. There is nothing wrong with being heard, what is wrong lies squarely with the politicians themselves. There is also some blame the electorate must shoulder in regard to thinking politics as a career is noble in addition to not keeping the Federal government limited and all the crappy ideas at the state level. (No need to have a guy on K street if nothing the planners on the hill are doing effects you.)


  • Rattlesnake

    Yes, let’s have discussion about capitalism vs. socialism. We can talk about the economic splendor of North Korea and Cuba, and the crushing poverty of Hong Kong and Switzerland. Or the engineering prowess of the Soviet Union and the anachronistic technology of Japan. Or maybe the wasteful, inefficient capitalism of the People’s Republic of China, with its ghost cities and ghost malls that cost billions (?) of dollars to build but no-one uses (wait… who built those?). And let’s also talk about the utopia that unrestrained government spending and entitlements creates, commonly known as Greece (or maybe I’m thinking of California).

    Yes, those evil fat cat capitalists are on the wrong side of history, and it’s only a matter of time until the unsustainability of capitalism causes the world to collapse under the weight of its debt and we can all bask in the splendor of the worldwide, socialist utopia that will emerge from the ruins (if the Islamists don’t take control first).


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