Will Obama Hate Women?

Since President Obama has positioned himself as the first everything but Black president (Obviously the first Black president was Bill Clinton), will he decide he hates women?  And, most importantly, what will the girls on the view think?

The U.S. House of representatives is taking up “The Violence Against Women Act”. The President is threatening a Veto.
This is a game that is played often in Washington.
A legislator introduces a bill called something like… “The No Stomping on Puppies Act”. Then they include the most ridiculous increases in spending and pet projects for their friends and constituency… imagine tax money for shrimp on treadmills.  In the case of VAWA the Senate threw in a bunch of stuff having nothing to do with women.  Surprise!
So… when it is defeated in the House, or Senate, or Vetoed by the President the author of the bill and his party cry, yell and scream to the American people the opposing party are in favor of “stomping on puppies”. (Who isn’t? I mean puppies are so cute and innocent, who wouldn’t want to stomp on them?)   It’s about dividing us, not employing reason.  It’s so stupid it hurts your head to think about it, but this is what they do.
So inevitably the party opposing the bill then bemoans the fact that it is mis-named and not what the people think etc. etc.
They’re right of course, but paying attention requires making an effort and the American people have never been known to deliver that.
This is one of the reasons it has been so important for the Left to control the media, or at least the majority of it. As long as they have the megaphone they can determine who “Hates Women” or “Stomps on Puppies” and who does not.  (This is also why the Left despises the relatively new anti-socialist or even socialist “skeptical” media.)
It will be my expectation that President Obama will Veto this bill but he will not “Hate Women”.
We’ll see.


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