Men marrying men.

Women marrying women… my response remains the same.

Who cares?
Look, I understand the benefits of a “sacred” institution (in my mind read “private”) that promotes the regeneration of our species and the subsequent raising of those humans without applying a mortgage on the rest of us… I get it.
But I can’t seem to get away from the idea that I need a state bureaucrat to validate it. So let me ask all of you, why do we find it necessary to solicit a government official to approve of our relationships? Is this really the role of government as it was founded? Or, instead should this remain the purview of your church… or whatever.
I think we have far bigger fish to fry than trying to push what I consider theocratic social issues to the forefront of our concerns.  I don’t say this lightly, there is nothing more theocratic than the legal enforcement (through mandatory licensing) of a religious act.

In my opinion the government should be silent on this issue… not for, not against.
So… to sum it up, men marrying men, women marrying women, men marrying women and women marrying men will not drive us into fiscal insolvency thus destroying all that allows us the luxurious opportunity to discuss such issues.
I think it may be time to prioritize… actually it was time to do this 30 years ago, but there is never a time like right now.

Let’s refuse to take the bait the Left is casting out there and avoid the non-issues.

We have NO money.  Simple, powerful, direct.

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