Honesty in France?

We are witness to a rare moment of honesty in France.

The French have elected a person who is brazen enough to actually call themselves a Socialist instead of just acting like one and calling themselves something else.

We could use such clarity in the United States… as Americans have always been confused by European politics.

The Left in this country (U.S.) rely on your being ignorant and remaining that way.  If you actually understood what they stand for it would be over for them.

What almost all Americans fail to grasp is the Europeans know only Socialism. So when they say things like “the right-wing is resurging in Greece with the rise of the Neo-Nazi’s”, American media make sure Americans associate “Right Wing” with Conservatives… this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Nazi’s (a Leftist ideology of government force) are “right-wing” only if the entire spectrum is socialist.

There is no place for Capitalism in European politics. Keep in mind that centuries of monarchy do not lend to individual rights. The Aristocracy has been in charge for thousands of years and have cemented their place in government… they will not give it up as they cannot see any system which doesn’t include them.

So this requires you, the reader, to make an effort.

You will have to educate yourself in regard to what labels mean.

Basic examples are “NAZI” (Fascism) which is actually a far Left ideology, yet the Left would like you to believe it applies to the right in this country.  “Liberal” is classically one who subscribes to individual/natural rights (and still does mean this in Europe), but the Left has adopted it in the U.S. and changed its meaning to represent communal rights meaning I have a RIGHT to your stuff… they must keep you confused and uninformed.

It will always be your job to stay educated.  Nothing stated above is a matter of opinion (save the assumed distaste of Socialism) and is available to you for sources dating back to Plato.  Don’t trust me, do the work yourself, your happiness depends on it.

If you fail to do this you will always be a tool of the Left… even when you don’t think you are.


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2 responses to “Honesty in France?

  • Rattlesnake

    I agree… there is nothing right-wing about Nazism/fascism. Despite the fact that they call themselves “anti-communist,” I see little practical difference between communism and fascism. What everyone needs to understand, in my opinion, is that the left (liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism, fascism) equals big government and the right (conservatism, capitalism) equals individual liberty and natural rights. It is really more simple than most people make it out to be.


    • Mike

      The members of the National Socialist Democratic Party (NAZI Party) believe their superiority is derived through genetic linage, not simply because they are smarter and more enlightened than those who oppose them (which they share will run of the mill socialists). This put them at odds with the Communists. And, not least considering Hitler placed Jews at the center of all things evil it didn’t help the Soviets that much of their communist/socialist dogma was crafted by Russian and German’s who were Jews or of Jewish ancestry. The governing theories were almost identical save the Fascist approach to business. (Allowing private ownership of industry as long as the owners were party members was more for expediency than principle.)


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