Reason vs. Insult

It appears to me that Liberals all go to the same debate school.

When confronted with an uncomfortable accusation like “Your ideas are Socialist.”  They have a chain of responses having nothing to do with the substance of the statement.

1.  Feign offense.  “I can’t believe you would make such an accusation!”  “I’m offended by your accusation!” etc.

2.  Change the subject.  “I care more about the poor than you do.” or “You would love to see all the women and children on earth die of starvation.” etc.

3.  Make it morally relative.  “At least I didn’t put the dog on the roof of the car.” or “At least I didn’t eat the dog.”  wait… can’t use that one.  Anyway, you get the point.

4.  Fling an insult.  “You’re a misogynist… bigot… racist… homophobe… Wal-mart shopper…” etc.

Anything… but having a reasonable, honest and open debate regarding socialist ideas and their past success worldwide.  They know it’s a loser and will do naked yoga with angry pit bulls before they go there.

Now that you know the routine, enjoy watching it play out on every news show where they do interviews with Liberals.  Remember, Liberals do not ask Liberals difficult questions (Meaning ones where they have to get anywhere close to the quantifiable results of their ideas.) regarding political theory so you will have to choose your shows with that in mind.

There has to be a drinking game in here somewhere….


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