A Politician and pronunciation.

Something has struck me as odd for a number of years. While I see the respect intended in pronouncing a country’s name and cities “correctly” I think there needs to be some consistency….
If Pakistan is pronounced “Paakistaan” by our current president then Moscow should be “Moskvaa” and Japan “Nippon”… respect is respect after all and should be extended to all country’s, right?
While this is truly a non-issue, it’s just funny.  Past politicians have been made fun of for their accents.  What about fabricated accents?  Just sayin’.

So, how does a President decide which country gets “move favored pronunciation status” and which do not?

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5 responses to “A Politician and pronunciation.

  • Rattlesnake

    I noticed Obama also pronounces Al Qaeda with what sounds like the correct Arabic pronunciation. But, there is no connection between Al Qaeda and Pakistan, so it is paranoid to think Obama is favouring anyone in particular…


    • Mike

      No paranoia here… I just find it entertaining, like most small things in life.


      • Rattlesnake

        I was being sarcastic… I guess I should have used the “sarcasm” tag.


        • Mike

          Always read my blog reply as if I’m screaming… it;s way more fun that way. No worries. I knew you were being sarcastic. Just making sure I don’t get pegged to the black helicopter crowd. I don’t peddle that here… cheers.


          • Rattlesnake

            I think Obama’s behaviour towards the Muslim world is a bit suspicious. At the very least (and this is probably the explanation), he doesn’t like Israel. He seems like he tries to appease the Muslim world (which I doubt would ever work), and his pronunciation of Pakistan, Al Qaeda, and even the Kuran seems like evidence of that to me (altough, it by no means the most significant evidence).

            I don’t think anyone would read into your post a conspiracy theory. And I don’t think what I’m saying is a conspiracy theory (certainly not on the same level as “black helicopters”) but I guess my initial comment’s deliberate ambiguity is open to interpretation (all I was implying was what I said in this comment; it seemed clear to me when I wrote it, but I have no idea how it would look from your perspective, nor did I even think of that). Anyway, my bad…


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