Support the Potential.

In my neck of the woods the public school system is currently running an ad campaign exploiting a bunch of students begging the listener to “support the potential” of our public schools.  This campaign is part of an organized fund-raising effort for a district that has a larger tax-payer funded budget than the city it resides in.  Profoundly stunning is an understatement.

This ad campaign is a response to the well beyond dismal performance of the government schools here in my area and the public’s growing awareness of it. (I recognize that this phenomenon is not unique to any one area in the U.S.) In fact, the performance is so pathetic that the public school system has nothing, NOTHING, positive to talk about.  The school administration is reduced to asking those of us who pay for their “services” through our property taxes to “support the potential”!

I have an idea that I will freely give to the private schools in my area.

I call it the “Support the Performance” campaign. The private schools should band together and  immediately run a PR push talking about the grade point average and test performance of their students. They should publicize the college placement rates of their graduates. They should talk about the credentials of their instructors and the awards and achievement enjoyed by those under their employ.  They should speak where their students are now.

While I have no children… I would gladly contribute to such an ongoing campaign as I have to live under the “leadership” of the “educated” masses churned out by a public school system whose greatest bragging right seems to be the “potential” of their students, which I must assume is HUGE prior to their exposure to the system itself.

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