Finally! Romney gets over 51%!

Kind of…

In, arguably, one of the most liberal areas in the country Mitt Romney gleaned over 51% of the primary vote.
Of the 4134 individuals who apparently reside in Washington D.C. and are willing to identify as Republican, Mitt Romney convinced a whopping 70% of them he was the guy best suited for the GOP nominee. Admittedly D.C. is the home of “inside the beltway establishment republicans” and the slate was a man short… but… he did it.
Mainly, I’m tapping this out because I don’t want to re-post “Mitt needed 51%” again… and again… and again…
If you’re paying attention, Mitt did not get 51% in any of the other primary “victories” yesterday.

For fun – there are approximately 24,000 congressional staffers.  Let’s assume half of them work and reside in D.C. (12,000) and half of them are republican (6000) and they are the only republicans in the district thus the only ones who could vote in a closed primary… only 70% of them felt it important to vote (4134) and of those only 72% (3122) could bring themselves to vote for Romney.

Just for reference Washington D.C.’s population is 592,000.  For those of you playing along, that’s .007% of the population that voted in the primary…

A huge, momentous, victory indeed.

I genuinely hope he is paying attention.

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