Revenge of the TEA party?

While drinking a creamy pint of Guinness this morning, and deciding how I was going to destroy yet another corned beef brisket something occurred to me.
In the back of my head I was still wondering why the Establishment Republicans were spending all of their political capital trying to end the primaries prematurely… and there it was.
Governors appoint the delegates that go to the convention! (Stop and re-read that sentence.)
OK. There are currently 29 republican governors, many of whom were swept in, or re-elected, during the TEA Party takeover of the house of representatives. Are you with me so far?
You can count on the Democrat governors sending, let’s just say not the most fiscally conservative republican delegates to the convention. But the Governors owing their election to the “Taxed Enough Already Party” will most likely send delegates reflecting a fiscally conservative mindset. These delegates have the ability to vote however they see fit and will most likely favor a candidate with a verifiable fiscally conservative track record… it’s hard to find one of those in Massachusetts.
With this in mind it is not difficult to understand why 65% of the republicans continue not to vote for Romney and polling data regarding the “fear” of a brokered convention is declining the more people learn.
If this goes the distance it will be fantastic to watch.
I’ll need to buy more Guinness!


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