Romney should just drop out!

Since we are only hearing this regarding the other candidates I thought we should explore Romney dropping out.
The 65% of republicans, both fiscal and social, have made it clear that they would rather vote for a ham sandwich than Mitt Romney. So why is he being so “delusional” by insisting on staying in the race?
I think he should take the hint and drop out. I don’t want him to endorse anybody… let’s just see where those votes go all on their own. Let’s let the conservatives fight it out.
All of this talk about how heading into a brokered convention is going to hurt the party is interesting. If you believe this, then I think Mitt should do the noble thing here… for the sake of the party.
You might ask yourself, why are the establishment (read liberal) Republicans trying so hard to make a case that Romney is the foregone nominee… PRIOR TO ALL THE VOTES BEING COUNTED. Would you have stood for such a declaration coming from Al Gore in 2000? Somehow I don’t think so.

So why now?
Let’s be clear, the liberal republicans are afraid because they know that a brokered convention means all bets are off. It means that there will be many voices being heard on all sides regarding who the nominee should be. They also know that if they don’t get a liberal republican in office, all of the backroom deals they have made with democrats will either come to light or not be honored. What a tragedy that would be…

I say we stop calling for anybody to drop out. And, pour derision on those who do.  Let’s have the votes in the late primaries actually matter for a change.  It’s refreshing not to have the northeast pick our condidate for once.


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