Keep on goin’!

Why would a brokered convention be exactly what needs to happen? Well…

let me explain a few things for those of you who are buying into the idea that the nominee should be chosen by now.

First, if that were the case then there would never be a need for a convention.
Second, the Primary process is the way we handle “multiple party” issues without having multiple parties and ending up with leaders like Hitler.
Third, the ultimate nominee will have to adopt the party platform which is hashed out during the primaries. It is this process that determines what the base wants.

Since all you are hearing are the negatives regarding this process from no less notable figures as Barbara Bush and Dick Morris I will not bore you with listing them.
But what I will do is tell you the enormous benefits outside of what I listed above.

First, having multiple candidates stay in through the convention prohibits the Democrats from focusing their energy and money demonizing a single specific individual thus watering down their message.
Second, it allows the candidates to keep the President on the defensive from multiple angles leaving him to try to answer various attacks rather than a single foe.
Third, what better way to create huge ratings for a convention than to have it brokered? So… what better way to get conservative messages out for the public to consider? Nobody stops to watch a party, but everybody stops to watch a fight. Even the Leftists will be tuning in… and they might learn something… doubtful, but there is a chance.

Finally, this election will be about Obama… it has long been my opinion that we could run Bozo the Clown and win given the horrible results from our current presidents socialist “solutions”. Whomever the nominee is will win regardless. It is certainly no threat that we might not know who that is until September 1st… in fact it is to our advantage. That would give the Leftists less time to create issues that don’t exist like a “war on women”.  (I seem to remember all of these brilliant political advisors telling us over the years that no-one pays attention until three weeks out anyway.  So what has changed?)

I think I can speak for all of us when I say the base doesn’t really need to know these candidates any better than we currently do given the 20+ debates and endless surges and coverage we have enjoyed over the last number of months.
Stop buying into the conventional wisdom… or in this case the non-brokered conventional wisdom.

If you’re thinking clearly… a brokered convention is the answer… and we may finally get it right.


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5 responses to “Keep on goin’!

  • Adam

    I don’t know…given the frontrunners, the GOP may be able to pull a loss out of this yet.

    My preference would be rank-order elections or run-off elections.


    • Mike

      The answer the system allows is the brokered convention. In regard to the general, a loss is always a possibility… I have confidence but nothing is a foregone conclusion. Ever.


  • Rattlesnake

    Good points. My latest post has quite a different message. I am quite sick of the whole thing; hearing about how terrible Romney is, and how Santorum is somehow the “conservative” candidate, which is absurd considering his record (not that Romney’s conservative either, though). Anyway, I don’t necessarily think there is a problem with the system, I just think that the intense coverage started way too early, and there have been way too many debates. I’m sure the media is doing this on purpose, though, with the intent of making Republicans sick and tired of the process, while fleshing out all the dirt and whatnot from the Republican candidates’ pasts, and keeping attention off of Obama and his scandals and incompetence.


    • Mike

      I completely understand. But think about it in terms of exposure of ideas that mainstream media never airs. Whats interesting is that the reason there were so many debates is that they kept getting high ratings… I think that’s a good thing because it means that the population is paying attention (for the first time in my lifetime) and or some of those who consider themselves Democrats are starting to think about what they think. Either way it’s good. If you listen closely the real pushback on the primary contest is coming from the Left inside the Republican party. (The Establishment, or the older term was Rockefeller, republicans.) They would have you think that if it goes to a brokered convention that Romney would not be the nominee… that’s simply not true. There is absolutely a war going on inside the Republican party and in my opinion it’s about time. I’ve lived too long having Statists govern under the banner of conservatism. And, I think this is fun… but I understand your fatigue. Keep in mind you are exceptional, most people still haven’t started to pay attention.


      • Rattlesnake

        Good points again, but I think my and others’ fatigue comes from the fact that none of the candidates are sufficiently conservative. There may be a war going on inside the party, but from my perspective, it seems like the establishment/left branch of the party has all the power despite having less popularity among rank and file Republicans (because they have benefited from the system for so long).


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