It’s a trap!

Why is it so important to raise taxes on the rich?

Because you will all be “rich” soon…

While economists love to agree to disagree, there is not a single one that will tell you that there is no inflation ahead.  While they might argue about the severity, they are strangely unified in this one area.  It’s kind of scary once you understand what this means.  And we can tell them, from the street, that we are already seeing it in food and energy (electricity, gasoline etc.).

So what does this mean?

It means that your dollar is buying less.  Stay with me here, it’s not as complicated as many want you to think.  If you could buy a pound of ground beef for $3 a couple of years ago and now $3 buys you half a pound (because ground beef is $6) then your dollar is buying half as much… or… 50% less.  With me? Simple.

That’s inflation.  Once you get your mind around this then you understand that beef isn’t “going up”… it’s the same beef… the value of your dollar is going down!

This is further exacerbated by the Fed printing more and more dollars as well as the ignorant among us supporting hikes to the minimum wage.  Every time they are successful, they make your dollar worth less.  When there is more of it, it’s worth less… until worthless…  When it costs more to produce… it costs more…

And you are left thinking you got a raise but can’t afford anything with your ‘worth less’ money.

So, the urgency to raise taxes on “the rich” is a trap.  When the “real” inflation hits (I mean big, serious, ugly inflation) wages will go “up” in terms of dollar amounts.  You might think you are getting paid MORE (a raise!) because instead of $30K, your making $50K.  The problem is $50K only buys you what $30K did a few years ago… still with me?  The price of the stuff you want goes up way faster than the supposed increase in what you’re getting paid.

The administration will be telling us it’s a “recovery” because it might look like it if you’re not paying attention to how much everything costs…  (the stock market will “soar”.  You will be “making more”.  Not because you got a raise, or the companies you invest in are doing better, but because the dollar has become worth a quarter of what it was a couple of years ago.  It’s smoke and mirrors.)

Again… back to the point.  The administration wants to raise taxes on the evil “rich” because these rates are set to dollar amounts.  In other words; they will define rich as households that make over say… $100,000 a year.  Stop here and re-read the previous paragraph.

When you were making a household income of $60K because you and your spouse worked, you were not paying high tax rates… and you might have supported “taxing the rich” because in your opinion, those bastards make WAY too much money. Jerks…

Well, now that your making $100K a year (but it’s actually worth less than when you were making $60K a year… ) Congratulations, you’re RICH!  And those tax increases you thought were such a great idea because it’s “more fair” are now applying to you!  Surprise!  You have graduated into the higher tax rate even though you are scraping by because everything around you has become far more expensive.

The politicians know that if they don’t raise taxes NOW they will not be able too when the inevitable inflation sets in and all of us realize our dollar doesn’t buy much.

Stop!  Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap.

Anytime you here the four letter “f” word (fair) a red flag should go up immediately.  Since there is no such thing as “fair”, they want something… what they want is more control over your money/production because they know they are smarter than you and will spend it the “right way”.  By the way… after 75 years, how’s that going?

We must all resist… vote the proponents of raising taxes out, regardless of party.  Replace these people with those who recognize government spends money in areas it has no business being involved in and sees cuts as the onlyy way to reduce the debt.  In this case, less is truly more.

We have seen this exact scenario occur in the 70’s, 80’s and now with the AMT.  This is not “crazy” talk… The politicians have continued to go back to the well because inflation is just complicated enough for the average persons eyes to glaze over.  (Primarily due to your public education.  Ever wonder why Leftists do everything they can to send their kids to private school?)  This has to stop.

So if we’re going to pay for something, I recommend paying attention not more taxes.

Be prepared for the response you will receive.

The Leftists/Statists will howl… they think every dollar government spends is sacred… so just like a teenager you catch doing something wrong, they’re going to scream, cry and cast blame on the accuser.  It will be shrill… It will be difficult to endure, but’s it’s OK.  We must stay firm, continue to explain and enforce the boundaries and lead by example.

Eventually they will grow up and be productive adults…

(There is an even more sinister aspect to this…  let’s say that I’m full of it and all of the economists are wrong.  The economy sees a full recovery and we begin to clear off the debt we’ve accumulated in order to survive…  you will still “graduate” into the new higher tax brackets.  It’s a win-win for those who want to control you and your money.)


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